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Best Brain September 2021 Social Studies Paper Two Questions & Answers

Best Brain September Social Studies Paper Two Questions & Answers. See below the latest Social studies questions and answers from the best brain examination for your studies.

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This paper consists of three sections: A, B, and C. Answer three questions only, choosing one question from each section.


Answer one question only from this section

Table of Contents

Question One

(i) Identify what is shown in the diagram below and explain how it occurs.

Social Studies

(ii) In what six ways does rainfall benefit plant and animal life?

(iii)Suggest four ways to control urban flooding.

Question Two

(i) Identify five vegetational zones in Ghana.

(ii) Describe three characteristics of Evergreen Forest.

(iii) State six reasons why forest vegetation is important to man.

(iv) Suggest six ways by which deforestation can be minimized.


Answer one question only from this section

Question Three

(i) Describe the migration routes of the Akan ethnic group to Ghana.

(ii) Outline six acceptable ways one can become a citizen of Ghana

(iii) Highlight eight duties expected of an individual citizen of Ghana.

(iv) Mention six acts that constitute human rights abuse in Ghana.


Answer one question only from this section.

Question Four

(i) Explain the difference between production and productivity.

(ii) Suggest four ways we can bring improvement in productivity in Ghana.

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(iii) Explain primary production and give six examples in your locality

Question Five

(i)  Highlight six consequences of indiscipline on Ghanaian society.

(ii) Describe six characteristics of state-owned enterprises.

(iii) Explain four reasons for the establishment of state-owned enterprises.


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