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Likely Islamic Studies Questions For 2021 WASSCE Candidates

Likely Islamic Studies Questions For 2021 WASSCE Candidates.

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As you prepare to sit for the 2021 Islamic WASSCE Exams, you should be anticipating some questions that are likely to appear I your exams.

For hat matte, we have selected some questions from the previous year’s WAEC examination that are likely to be repeated.

Please note that the below questions are not leakages but rather some selected past questions that we will like you to try yours on before you go in for the final paper.

Find below Likely Islamic Studies Questions For 2021 WASSCE Candidates.

Question One

Write Süratul-Nasr (O. 110) either in Arabic or transliteration, translate into English and comment on it. [25 marks]

Question Two

Describe the circumstances that made “Uthman b. “Affan earn the title Dhu-Nurayn.
[25 marks]

Question Three

State the conditions that necessitate Ghusl in Islam and describe how it is performed.
[25 marks]

Question Four

(a)Define the term Shirk. [25 marks]

(b) Explain, with three examples each, the two types of Shirk. [25 marks]

Question Five

Discuss the role of the Huffaz in the preservation of the Qur’an. [25 marks]

Question Six

Innal-Halala bayyinum wa innal-Harama bayyinun, wabaynahumã * Umirun
mushtabihat là ya ‘lamühunna Kathirün mina-Nas (Hadith 6 of an-NawaM).

(a) Translate the Hadith into English.
(b) Comment on it.                                          [ 25 marks]

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