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(Solved) Chemistry Trial Objective Questions & Answers For 2022 WASSCE Candidates

Find below Some of the likely Chemistry Objective Questions & Answers For 2022 WASSCE Candidates.

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These questions are being sampled up from the previous waec past questions. Please note that the chemistry objective questions and answers below are for educational purposes only.

We are not in any way giving you these questions as Leakage paper or “Apor”. We only compile them to be used as a guide in your wassce examination.

 Q1. Nitrogen in water is commonly found in the form of

(A) Nitrogen oxide
(B) Nitrate
(C) Nitric oxide
(D) Nitrite

Answer: B

Q2. Which of the following element is obtained from seaweed?

A. iodine
B. Vanadium
C Argon
D. Sulphur

Answer: A

Q3. Which one of the following is found in vinegar?

A. Acetic acid
B. Propionic acid
C. Formic acid
D. Butyric acid

Answer: A

Q.4 The term “brown air is used for

A. Acid fumes
B. Photochemical smog
C. Sulphurous smog
D. Industrial smog

Answer B

Q5. The most commonly used bleaching agent is?

A. Sodium chloride
B. Alcohol
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Chlorine

Answer: D

Q6. Cyanide poisoning causes death in seconds because?

A. it denatures enzymes of the heart/muscles
B. It breaks the electron transport chain
C. It causes Lysis of red blood cells
D. it causes cardiac arrest

Answer: D

Q7. The ore of Aluminium is?

A. Fluorspar
B. Bauxite
C. Charco pyrites
D. Hematite

Answer: B

Q8. Which of the following particles has dual nature particles – wave?

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A. Electron
B. Meson
C. Proton
D. Neutron

Answer: A

Q9. Ultra Purification of metal is done by?

A. Slugging
B. Zone melting
C. Smelting
D. Leaching

Answer: B

Q10. The Radiation that can penetrate deepest in our body is?

A. UV – radiation
B. Alpha – Particle
C. b- Particle
D. Gamma – Particles.

Q11. Which of the following raw materials is used in the plastic industry?

A. Ether
B. Mathene
C. Sulphur
D. Hydrogen

Answer: A

Q12. What is the solubility of salt if 0.4g of it is obtained on evaporation of 200CM3 of its saturated solution to dryness?

A. 0.08 gdm-3
B. 2.00gdm-3
C. 8.00 gdm-3
D. 80.00gdm-3

Answer: B

Q13. The process of extraction of iron from its ore is?

A. Decomposition
B. Oxidation
C. Reduction
D. Sublimation

Answer: C

Q14. Which of the following organic compounds can undergo both addition and substitution reactions?

A. Pentane
B. Benzene
C. propane
D. Hexane

Q15. An acid salt has?

A. Double anions in its aqueous solution
B. A single cation in its aqueous solution
C. Hydrogen ions in its aqueous solution
D. Hydrogen atom in its aqueous solution

Answer C.

Q16. QWhat is the solubility of salt if 0.4g of it is obtained on evaporation of 200CM3 of its saturated solution to dryness?

A. 0.08 gdm-3
B. 2.00gdm-3
C. 8.00 gdm-3
D. 80.00gdm-3

Answer: B

Q17. In which of the following compounds does hydrogen form ionic compounds?

A. CH4
C. NH3
D. NaH

Answer: D

Q18. Consider the following reaction equation : Br2 + 2K1 → 2KBr + 12 Bromine is acting as?

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A. An oxidizing agent
B. A reducing agent
C. An acid
D. A base

Answer: A

Q19. Pure water can be made to boil at a temperature lower than 100 o­C by

A. Reducing its quantity
B. Decreasing the external pressure
C. Distilling it
D. Increasing the external pressure

Answer: B

Q20. Cu and HNO3, are not suitable for preparing hydrogen gas because of their

A. Reactivity and oxidation respectively
B. Conductivity and corrosiveness respectively
C. Melting point and reduction respectively
Electronegativity and solubility respectively

Answer: A

Q21. The empirical formula of a compound containing 0.067 mol and 0.066 mol O is [Cu = 63.5, O = 16.0]

A. Cu2O
B. CuO
C. CuO2
D. Cu2O2

Answer: B

Q22. The change in the oxidation state of iron in the reaction represented by the equation below is

2FeI3 + H2S -> 2FeCI2 + 2HCI + S

A. +2 to +3
B. +3 to +2
C. 0 to +2
D. +3 to 0

Answer: B

Q23. Which of the following method can be used to separate blood cells from plasma?

A. Centrifugation
B. Filtration
C. Chromatography

Answer: A

Q24. An organic compound has the empirical formula CH2 IF ITS molar mass is 42 gmol-1 what is its molecular formula> [H = 1.0, C = 12.0]

A. C2H4
B. C3H4
C. C3H6
D. C4Hg

Answer: C

Q25. What is the relative molecular mass of a compound which has empirical formula CH2O? [H = 1.0, C = 12.0, O = 16.0]

A . 42
B. 45
C. 126
D. 180

Answer: D

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