Update On 2022 BECE CSSPS Placement Checker Portal

Update On 2022 BECE CSSPS Placement Checker Portal: The School Selection Portal would be opened by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) for both BECE 2022 Schools and Private Candidates to enable them to select their schools online for the 2022 placement.

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The exercise will start from 20th February  2023 

In order for this exercise to be undertaken quickly and efficiently, Metro/Municipal/District Directors of Education are requested to form teams of IT Teachers/Data Entry Officers to support the Examination Coordinators do the entries of the candidates’ choices. This will help avoid errors in the entries from the schools.

By this letter, Regional Directors are kindly requested to communicate the information to the Metro/Municipal/District Directors of Education to ensure the successful completion of the exercise. Counting on your usual co-operation
Thank you.

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