BECE 2023 Candidate: See When the School Placement will Be Released

BECE 2023 Graduates: See When the School Placement will Be Released:

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On the 9th of November 2023, the council announced the release of the 2032 results and that, students can access them online.

Out of the  600,900 students who sat for the examination, a number of candidates have their results withheld, entire results canceled or subject results canceled. The remaining have their results released and the council congratulates them.


  • Cancellation of Subject Results of 312 school candidates and 3 private candidates for bringing foreign materials, namely, prepared notes, text books and printed materials into the examination hall or colluding with other candidates;
  • Cancellation of Entire Results of 41 school candidates and 1 private candidate for possession of mobile phones in the examination hall;
  • Withholding of Subject Results of 180 school candidates and 4 private candidates for various suspected offences;
  • Withholding of Entire Results of 110 school candidates and 2 private Candidates for various suspected offences;

Meanwhile, the scripts of 22,270 candidates, in certain subjects are being scrutinized for reported cases of mass cheating. Their results may be cancelled or released based on the outcome of investigations.

These students are expected to be placed in schools of their choice. The candidates were given the chance to bring out six (6) schools of their choice in the order they want.

After the release of the results, they will be placed in one of the schools they provided. Parents are now waiting for the council to start the process of the school placement.

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It should also be noted that the Placement will take place through the Computer school selection and placement portal.

Parents are urged to keep calm and be optimistic that the candidates will be placed in one of the schools they provided as their choices before they sat for the examination.

This will happen to only candidates who were able to access their results and are qualified to get enrolled into any senior high school they are placed in.

When will School Placement Be Released?

The 2023 BECE students’ placement is likely to be released from Sunday 26 November  2023 to Monday 27th November 2023 between the hour of 11:30 AM and 12 midnight.

If this turns out to be true, then the BECE 2023 Students can begin to check their school placement from the said date and time.

Meanwhile, students who sat for the 2023 BECE examination can check their results using the below steps.

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  1. Abuu Godwin says

    Waec and GES should release the school placement for the students to know where they have been placed and start their preparation towards their placed schools.

  2. Michel says

    We hear

  3. Kofi eshun says

    What is the cut off point for achimota science

  4. Araba says

    Please can you show us the timetable for new form 1 students, bece graduates

  5. Slogan says

    The grading system that have been used for 2021 bece is it the same as the previous years I may asked

    1. Staff Member says

      Yes Please.

  6. Oscar Larbi says

    Please what is the main time for the placement

    1. Staff Member says

      The placement will be out this week.

  7. Jaiden says

    Has there been a set date for the release of the school placement??

    1. Staff Member says

      It was supposed to be released on the weekend, but the date was changed. But it will surely be released this week.

  8. Nelly says

    Please looking at the time,
    Would the placements still be released this evening?

    1. Staff Member says

      It will be released tomorrow 26th March, 2022

  9. Aboah daniel says

    Our leaders are not telling US the truth the same thing happen to GES, oh GOD what country we are living in”

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