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Courses Offered At University of Cape Coast For 2020/2021

Below are the Full Lists of Courses Offered At the University of Cape Coast For 2020/2021 academic year. Browse through and select the one that catches your attention.

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Cert. – Early Childhood Education (Sandwich)

Cert. – English (Proficiency)

Cert. – Professional Certificate in Microfinance (Sandwich)


Dip. – Diploma in Basic Eduction

Dip. – Diploma in Commerce

Dip. – Diploma in Management Studies

Dip. – Dipolma in Mathematics and Science

Dip. – Dipolma in Psychological Foundations of Education

Dip. – Early Childhood Education (Sandwich)

Dip. – French for Special Purposes (Sandwich)

Dip. – Professional Diploma in Microfinance(Sandwich)

Dip. – Social Behaviour and Conflict Management (Sandwich)

Bachelor of Music

B.Mus – Music

Bachelor of Arts

B.A – African Studies

B.A – Anthropology

B.A – BA Communication Studies

B.A – Classics and Philosophy

B.A – Dance

B.A – Economics

B.A – English (B.A.)

B.A – Film Studies

B.A – General Linguistics

B.A – Ghanaian Languages

B.A – Population and Health

B.A – Religion and Human Values

B.A – Social Behaviour and Conflict Management (Sandwich)

B.A – Social Sciences

B.A – Sociology

B.A – Theatre Studies

Bachelor of Education

B.Ed – Bachelor in Basic Education (2YR)

B.Ed – Bachelor in Psychological Foundations of Education

B.Ed – Bachelor of Education (Management)

B.Ed – Basic Education

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B.Ed – Computer Science Education

B.Ed – Early Childhood Education

B.Ed – Early Childhood Education (Sandwich)

B.Ed – Health Sciences

B.Ed – Health Sciences (Sandwich)

B.Ed – Health, Physical Education and Recreation

B.Ed – Home Economics

B.Ed – Mathematics

B.Ed – Post Diploma in Basic Education (2-Year )

B.Ed – Science

Bachelor of Commerce

B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce (2YR)

B.Com – Finance

B.Com – Management

B.Com – Procurement and Supply Chain Management (Post Diploma-Sandwich)

Bachelor of Science

B.Sc – Actuarial Science

B.Sc – Agribusiness

B.Sc – Agricultural Extension (B.Sc.)

B.Sc – Agricultural Extension and Community Development

B.Sc – Agro-Processing

B.Sc – Animal Production

B.Sc – B.Sc Forensic Science

B.Sc – Bachelor of Science (2YR Marketing)

B.Sc – Biochemistry

B.Sc – Computer Science

B.Sc – Doctor of Optometry (OD)

B.Sc – Engineering Physics

B.Sc – Engineering Physics (Sandwich)

B.Sc – Entomology and Wildlife

B.Sc – Environmental Science

B.Sc – Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences

B.Sc – Geography and Regional Planning

B.Sc – Hospitality Management

B.Sc – Information Technology

B.Sc – Laboratory Technology

B.Sc – Laboratory Technology (Sandwich)

B.Sc – Mathematics B.Sc – Mathematics and Statistics

B.Sc – Mathematics-with-Business

B.Sc – Mathematics-with-Economics

B.Sc – Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics

B.Sc – Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

B.Sc – Ophthalmic Science

B.Sc – Physics (Undergraduate)

B.Sc – Statistics

B.Sc – Tourism Management

Master of Arts

M.A – Applied French Linguistics (Sandwich)

M.A – Bilingual Translation (Sandwich)

M.A – Classics

M.A – Communication in Oil and Gas Management (Sandwich)

M.A – English Language (M.A. Sandwich)

M.A – English Literature (M.A. Sandwich)

M.A – Geography and Regional Planning

M.A – Health Education

M.A – Philosophy

M.A – Religion and Human Values (Sandwich)

M.A – Sociology

Master of Education

M.Ed – Educational Administration M.Ed – Home Economics (Sandwich) M.Ed – Mathematics (Sandwich) M.Ed – Physical Education M.Ed – Science (Sandwich) M.Ed – Teacher Education

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Master of Science

M.Sc – Economics M.Sc – Microfinance (Sandwich) M.Sc – Microfinance(Sandwich) M.Sc – Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Studies and Management (Sandwich) M.Sc – Oil and Gas Resource Management (Sandwich) M.Sc – Statistics (Sandwich) M.Sc – Technology and Development (Sandwich)

Master of Commerce

M.Com – School of Business

Master of Philosophy

M.Phil – Administration in Higher Education

M.Phil – Agricultural Economics

M.Phil – Agricultural Extension

M.Phil – Aquaculture

M.Phil – Basic Education

M.Phil – Development Studies

M.Phil – Economics

M.Phil – Educational Administration

M.Phil – Educational Planning

M.Phil – English Language (M.Phil)

M.Phil – English Literature (M.Phil)

M.Phil – Entomology

M.Phil – Environmental Science

M.Phil – Ethnomusicology

M.Phil – Fisheries Science

M.Phil – French Linguistics – Top-up (Sandwich)

M.Phil – Geography and Regional Planning

M.Phil – Ghanaian Languages

M.Phil – Health Education

M.Phil – Home Economics

M.Phil – Hospitality Management

M.Phil – Infection and Immunity

M.Phil – Integrated Coastal Zone Management

M.Phil – Irrigation Technology

M.Phil – M.A/M.ED /M.SC./


M.Phil – Mathematics

M.Phil – Mathematics Education

M.Phil – Mechanisation

M.Phil – Music Education

M.Phil – Music Theory and Composition

M.Phil – Non Governmental Studies and Community Development

M.Phil – Oceanography and Limnology

M.Phil – Oil and Gas Resource Management (Regular)

M.Phil – Physical Education

M.Phil – Physics (M.Phil)

M.Phil – Population and Health

M.Phil – Post – Harvest Technology

M.Phil – Religion and Human Values

M.Phil – Science Education

M.Phil – Sociology

M.Phil – Statistics

M.Phil – Tourism Management

M.Phil – Vocational and Technical Education

M.Phil – Wildlife Management

Master of Business Administration

MBA – Marketing (Sandwich) MBA – Oil and Gas Management

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Doctor of Philosophy

Ph.D – Agricultural Economics

Ph.D – Agricultural Extension

Ph.D – Aquaculture


PhD Program

Ph.D – Development Studies

Ph.D – Economics

Ph.D – English Language (Ph.D)

Ph.D – English Literature

Ph.D – Entomology

Ph.D – Ethnomusicology

Ph.D – Fisheries Science

Ph.D – Geography and Regional Planning

Ph.D – Health Promotion

Ph.D – Hospitality Management

Ph.D – Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Ph.D – Literature in English

Ph.D – Mathematics

Ph.D – Mathematics Education

Ph.D – Music Education

Ph.D – Music Theory and Composition

Ph.D – Non Governmental Studies and Community Development

Ph.D – Oceanography and Limnology

Ph.D – Physical Education

Ph.D – Physics

Ph.D – Population and Health

Ph.D – Qualitative Research

Ph.D – Religion and Human Values

Ph.D – Science Education

Ph.D – Statistics

Ph.D – Tourism Management

Bachelor of Management Studies

BMS – Bachelor of Management Studies (2YR) BMS – School of Business

Bachelor of Laws

LLB – Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Doctor of Optometry

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