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Difference Between Mature Applicants, Distance Students and Direct Applicants

Difference Between Mature Applicants, Distance Students, and Direct Applicants:

Who is considered a mature student?

A mature student is a student who could not meet the cut-off point during application for him or her to be admitted into the direct programme.

This means if an applicant doesn’t meet the requirements including the cut-off point or obtain a certain pass mark in their WASSCE/SSSCE then he or she would not be able to gain admission directly (regular) into the university, so the applicant is advised to apply as a matured student.

What are the entry requirements for mature students?

(1) Applicant must be 25 years and above.

(2) Application shall be notified to write a mandatory entrance examination in the university and should pass the said entrance exam before he/she is offered admission.

This means that if an applicant could not meet the two requirements for applying as a mature student then he would not be offered admission.

For instance, a 24-year-old can’t apply to gain admission as a mature applicant, and 25 years and above applicant if fail the mandatory entrance exams would not also gain admission.

On the other hand, a Distance student is a student who is enrolled in the university programme in which learning is outside the university’s regular campus Instructional hours.

Note, distance learning could take three (3) modes of learning.

(1) The Sandwich mode (this mode takes place on campus with face to face Learning)

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This mode also is categorized into two:

(A) The main university Campus

(B) Affiliated Campuses.

(2) Off-Campus Distance learning (Weekends) This mode has face-to-face interaction. It is usually run on affiliated Campuses only.

(3) Online learning (This mode use technology to learn off-campus and has no face-to-face interaction), though examination may be written

(A) Online or

(B) On affiliated Campuses.

Matured students and the direct students are collectively called “REGULAR STUDENTS”.

Mature students 25 years and above. Do not qualify through the regular admission process so may require entrance exam and or interview.

What is a direct applicant?

Direct Applicants are students who have the requisite requirements for admission into any of the university courses. These applicants have the required cut-off grade for the programmes of their choices.  They usually do not write the Entrance Examinations except for programmes whose entry requirements demand so.

Distance Students Can be anyone. Regular or matured applicant but will be engaged in remote learning and not campus-based.

Distance students include all ages of students studying with a particular institution from off-campus. Studies are mostly done online with a periodic face-to-face meeting with tutors at a remote place away from campus.

Sandwich is also a distance learning.

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