Ghana Immigration Service Recruitment 2021: How to Know Height In Feet and Inches

How to Know Height In Feet and Inches For Ghana Immigration Service Recruitment, Ghana Police Services, Ghana Prison Service, and Ghana National Fire Service recruitment.

The Ghana immigration service (GIS) has begun the sale of their 2021/2022 recruitment forms from today 27th August 2021.

This means applicants, can begin to buy the form (Scratch Card ) from the Ghana Commercial Bank or using the Momo Shortcode *422*473# on all mobile networks in Ghana.

Each applicant is expected to meet the general eligibility requirements before they can qualify to apply for the GIS 2021 Recruitment.

As part of the requirement, the Applicant must have a minimum height of 173 cem (5ft 6inc ) for males and 163 cm (5ft 4inc) for females. Any applicant who doesn’t meet the height requirement is automatically disqualified after submitting the application.

Many are those who get disqualified not because they did not meet the height requirements, but because they don’t know their height in feet and inches.

In this article, we are going to help you calculate your height for a smooth application for the Ghana Immigrations service, Ghana Police service, Ghana Prison Service, and the Ghana national fire service.

How to Calculate your Height in Feet and Inches?

First, if you have your Ghana Card, look on the front of the Card, you’ll see your height written in commenters. example 1.73cm.

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Now go to and type 1.73cm in feet as shown in the screen below

GIS Recruitment 2021

Once you type the height in centimeters from your Ghana Card, you’ll be given the equivalent height in Feet and Inches.

The First figure is the feet, and the second is the inches. So in the above example, the height of this person in feet and inches is 5ft 7inch in nearest whole number.

Once you obtain your height in feet and inches, then you compare it to the required height from the institution you are applying for. Congratulation. you have now know how to calculate your height in feet and inches.

Some Quick Ask Questions About GIS Recruitment and their Answers

Price of immigration forms

The Price of immigration forms in Ghana is Hundred ghana Cedis GHC 100.

How to fill the form For the Ghana immigration service

Visit the recruitment form/portal through the link

Guidelines on How to Apply For Ghana Imergratetion services

You can get the full guideline on how to apply for the Ghana immigration service 2021/2022 recruitment by following this link Here.

Ghana immigration service forms shortcode

Here is the shortcode for buying the Ghana Immigration Service forms *422*473# 

2021 ghana immigration service recruitment forms are now out. Get the full steps on how to apply here.

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