Ghana Police Service Aptitude Test Questions and Answers For October 2021 Recruitment

Ghana Police Service Aptitude Test Questions 2021, GPS Aptitude Test Questions and Answers For October 2021 Recruitment, Ghana Police Aptitude Test Questions and Answers: Police Recruitment questions and answers. Ghana Police Service Aptitude Test Questions & Answers 2021. 

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Find below some samples and likely questions and Answers for the Ghana Police Service Recruitment aptitude test. These questions are samples to help you in your preparation for the aptitude test after the screening is over.

Q1. Give the rank and name of the Director-General in charge of the Human Resource Department in the Ghana Police Service.

Answer: COP Frederick Adu Amin

Q2. What is the name of the inspector general of the Ghana Police Service?

Answer: George Akuffo Dampare

Q3. Who is Ghana’s Minister of the interior?

Answer: Ambrose Dery

Q4. What is the motto of the nGFhana Police Service?

Answer: Service with Integrity

Q5. Which of the following is not a rank in the Ghana Police Service?

A. Chief Inspector
B. Corporal
C. Deputy Superintendent
D. Assistant Supritentdent

Q6. You are a participant in a cross-country race. Just before crossing the finish line, you overtake the person in second place. In what place will you finish?

Answer: Second Place

Q7. Amadu Kmawa. a livestock farmer, has 33 pigs. All but 7 die. How many pigs are left?

Answer: 7

Q8. A man condemned to death is the opportunity to choose one of 3 ways of dying. he is therefore required to enter one of three rooms. Room 11 is filled with feuding flames, Room 2 has armed men with their rifles loaded and Room3 has lions starving for years. Which should the man choose and why?

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Q9. You have been asked to throw a ball very hard and have it return to you. it is not supposed to bouncer on anything. There is nothing attached to it and no one else catches and throws it back to you. How will you do about it?

Q10. Give the place value of 5 in the numbers 254,879

Q11. How many metres are there in a kilometer?

Q12. How many feet make a yard?

Q13. After you had traveled by air for one hour, it was announced that you still had 3/4 of the hours to arrive at your destination. In all how many minutes would your journey take?

Q14. Your mother told you that she gave birth to you in the year Catholic Church in your village celebrated its centenary. You are now 19 years. How old is the church?

Q15. You were born when your father was two score years old, You are now three decades old. How old is your father?

Q16. Your mother is 38 years and you are 19. How old will you be in the year your mother celebrates her golden jubilee?


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