KNUST Fees Schedule For 2022/2023 Academic Year | Download Here

The Management of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has release the Fees Schedule For Admitted students for 2022/2023 Academic Year. The fees Schedule is a tabular arrangement of all the KNUST Collages (College of Science, Collage of Applied Science, College of Health Science, College of Human and Social, College of Engineering) tuition fees for all students in the university with their respective courses. Fresh students of KNUST can find below the official KNUST tuition fees for 2022/2023 Academic year.

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KNUST Fees Schedule  For College of Science 2022/2023

Actuarial Science GH₵ 1,893.35
Mathematics GH₵ 1,893.35
Statistics GH₵ 1,893.35
Computer Science GH₵ 1,893.35
Environmental Science GH₵ 1,893.35
Food Science & Technology GH₵ 1,893.35
Chemistry GH₵ 1,893.35
Biological Science GH₵ 1,893.35
Biochemistry GH₵ 1,893.35
Physics GH₵ 1,893.35
Optometry GH₵ 1,893.35
Mateo & Climate
GH₵ 1,893.35

 KNUST Fees Schedule For College of Applied Science 2022/2023

BSc. Business Administration GH₵ 1,788.04
LAW GH₵ 1,772.60
Hospitality & Tourism Mgt. GH₵ 2,692.60
Chieftaincy and Traditional
Leadership studies
GH₵ 2,510.25
Communication Design GH₵ 1,893.35
Textile Design and Technology GH₵ 1,893.35
Quantity Surveying GH₵ 1,893.35
Real Estate GH₵ 1,893.35
Metalsmithing & Jewellery Tech GH₵ 1,893.35
Land Economy GH₵ 1,893.35
Human Settlement Planning GH₵ 1,893.35
Fashion Design GH₵ 1,893.35
Integrated Rural Art GH₵ 1,893.35
Development Planning GH₵ 1,893.35
Construction Tech. & mgt GH₵ 1,893.35
Ceramic Technology GH₵ 1,893.35
Ceramics GH₵ 1,893.35
Architecture GH₵ 1,893.35
Painting and sculpture GH₵ 1,893.35
Publishing Studies GH₵ 1,893.35
Agriculture GH₵ 1,893.35
Agric Biotechnology GH₵ 1,893.35
Agric Business Mgt GH₵ 1,893.35
Aquaculture GH₵ 1,893.35
Forest Resource Tech GH₵ 1,893.35
Landscape Design GH₵ 1,893.35
Natural Resources Mgt GH₵ 1,893.35
Post Harvest Tech GH₵ 1,893.35
Packaging Technology GH₵ 1,893.35

KNUST Fees Schedule For College Of Health Science 2022/2023

Disability & Rehabilitation GH₵ 2,014.10
Herbal Medicine GH₵ 1,772.60
Nursing GH₵1,772.60
Midwifery GH₵ 1,772.60
Medical Imaging GH₵ 1,772.60
Medical Lab Tech GH₵ 1,772.60
Pharmacy GH₵ 1,772.60
Physiotherapy and Sports Science GH₵ 1,772.60
Dip. Community Health Nursing(Upgrade) GH₵ 2,310.00
Dip. General Nursing(Upgrade) GH₵ 2,310.00
Veterinary Medicine GH₵ 2,012.62
Physician Assistantship GH₵ 1,896.84
Human Biology(Medicine) GH₵ 2,012.62
Dental Surgery GH₵ 2,012.62
Bachelor of Education
(Science, ICT & Maths)
GH₵ 1,772.60

KNUST Fees Schedule For Collage of Human and Social Science 2022/2023

Akan Language & Culture GH₵ 1,619.61
English GH₵ 1,619.61
Political Studies GH₵ 1,619.61
Geography &
Rural Development/ History
GH₵ 1,619.61
Linguistics GH₵ 1,619.61
Sociology GH₵ 1,619.61
Social Work GH₵ 1,619.61
French & Francophone studies GH₵ 1,619.61
Media and comm.
GH₵ 1,619.61
Religious Studies GH₵ 1,619.61
Economics GH₵ 1,619.61

KNUST Fees Schedule For College of Engineering 2022/2023

Agricultural Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Industrial Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Automobile Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Marine Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Telecom Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Petroleum Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Petrochemical Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Metallurgical Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Mechanical Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Materials Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Geomatics Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Geological Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Electrical & Electronic Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Computer Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Civil Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Chemical Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Biomedical Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60
Aerospace Engineering GH₵ 1,772.60

All students are expected to pay the full tuition fees before they can register for their online courses.

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If you wished to pay for your KNUST Schools fees then you can Check the guide on How to Pay KNUST Fees Through AIM or Payment Portal.

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