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Likely BDT Exams Questions and Answers For 2021 BECE Candidates

Likely BDT Examination Questions and Answers For 2021 BECE Candidates: As you prepare to write your final WAEC BECE examination, we have prepared these questions for you to try your hands on.

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These questions are taken from samples of various District mock examinations including the Best Brain BDT Mock Examination for August/September 2021.

Please the below Selected questions are to help you in your preparation for the 2021 Waec exams. We provide them free of charge.

No one should pay anyone monies before using these questions. You can get in touch with us through the comment section or through our official contact form if you need further details.

See Below the Likely BDT Examination Questions and Answers For 2021 BECE Candidates.

(1)Mention two signs of dehydration in the human body [3 marks]

(2) State three ways of making a good patch [2 marks]

(3) Design and construct a unit for keeping files and papers at your school office, Study the design brief above and write one specification on:

(i) material;
(ii) Cost
(iii) Ergonomic [4 marks]

(4) Suggest three ways of repairing weak household furniture [3 marks]

(5) State three precautions to be taken when using electric appliances [2 marks]

(6) Differentiate between Constructing colours and complementary colours with examples. [3 marks]

(7) write down five steps involved in doing freehand cutting [5 marks]

(8) State four uses of sleeves [4 marks]

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(9) Complete the passage below by filling in with words selected from the following list:

close-fitting; slits; zip; fastening; garments;

Openings are …………. or cuts that are intentionally made on ……….or articles to allow them to be sew in……… style and to be put on and removed easily and quickly. They are made according to the type of ………. to be used on them. Openings which overlap are known as slit openings and ………… openings. [5 marks]

(10) Give two qualities of a good openings [2 marks]

(11) Give four disadvantages of frying foods [ 4marks]

(12) mention four rules to observe in using frying as a cooking method [4 marks]

(13) (i) What is pressure cooking?
(ii) Give three advantages of pressure cooking. [5 marks]

(14) Give four advantages of baking [4 marks]

(15) Give four disadvantages of baking [4 marks]

(16) Outline five steps to take in preparing a fabric before cutting out. [5 marks]

(17) State three benefits of developing basic skills in cutting out designs without patterns [3 marks]

(18) What is a treadle machine? [5 marks]

(19) In what three ways can fruits be stored? [3 marks]

(20) outline five points you will consider when purchasing vegetables [5 marks]

(21) Give the benefit of one stewing method of cooking [4 marks]

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