When Will 2024 NTC Licensure Exams Registration Forms Be Out?

When Will 2024 NTC Licensure Exams Registration Forms Be Out – The Professional Teaching Licence is the highest mark of professional accomplishment that makes the Ghanaian teacher a member of a larger network of accomplished educators shaping the profession and human lives.

It demonstrates the legal authorization of the mandate of the NTC, indicating that a teacher has met all the standards required for the profession.

Purpose of the Licensure Examination 

  • The NTC is mandated by the Education Act 2008 (ACT 778), Section 9, to license teachers in Ghana.
  • The Licensing Examination aims to enable candidates (teachers) to acquire a professional license.
  • It also aims to prepare teachers to meet the National Teachers’ Standards demands of possessing the minimum knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes (competencies and experience) necessary to deliver effectively in schools.

Reliability and Validity of the Examination 

  • An excellent Professional Examination should be reliable and valid to produce consistent results.
  • The validity here is based on the premise that a candidate who passes the Professional Examination should be confident and knowledgeable and meet the Ghana Teachers’ Standards and the Global Standards.
  • The Professional Examination should fit for purpose. This means that the intended professional examination content is not a pure academic examination.

Curriculum Areas For Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE)

  • The Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination is based on the following broad curriculum areas:
  • The National Teachers’ Standards
  • Numeracy (basic Computation)
  • Literacy (Verbal Aptitude, Essay)
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Preparing for the Examination

  • A Licensure Examination requires significant time, personnel, logistics, and funds to develop.
  • Generally, each test item appearing in an examination takes a day or two to plan, write and review before the thing is suitable for use in an examination.
  • Additional time is also required to edit, moderate, review, bank, sort, distribute, provide security, and administer the items in an examination.
  • The NTC may contract testing consultants or test providers who could evaluate the psychometric quality of the examination before administering it (the examination).

Pass Mark

  • The maximum score for each examination is 100%. However, candidates must obtain at least 50% points to pass each category.

When Will 2024 NTC Licensure Exams Registration Forms Be Out??

The examination is written in March and September. Registration mostly Starts in March and will last for a week or two. But the information available to us shows that the 2024 NTC licensure registration forms are now out as of 20th January 2024.

  • New applicants for the examination are expected to pay GHS450, and re-sitting candidates who wish to write the three are also to pay GHS385 or GHS150 for a paper.
  • Before you register for the 2024/2025 Licensure exams, you must first confirm your status on the portal.
  • The Council recommends all applicants check their confirmation status before purchasing the voucher for the Ghana teacher Licensure examination (GTLE) application.

How to Check your NTC Confirmation Status

  • Visit the NTC examination Portal through the link https://exams.ntc.gov.gh/
  • Select the Confirmation tab and enter your School/college index number.
  • Click on the Confirm button.
  • If your Status is confirmed, you will see the details; otherwise, you must visit your previously completed college for the Submission details.
  • This will help the school to have your information uploaded to the NTC portal.
  • Once your NTC status is confirmed, you can begin with the registration.
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