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Research and Thesis Writing Seminars for Graduate Students at UEW


The Institue for Educational Research and Innovation Studies (IERIS) in collaboration with the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) is organising seminar series for Graduate (PhD and MPhil) students on research and thesis writing. The seminars are aimed at helping students to develop more confidence and the ability to undertake extensive research and write a good thesis.

Specifically, the seminars intend to:

  • Prepare students for research and thesis writing
  • Increase understanding of the process of research in education Support students in preparing thesis proposal for presentation Take students through research methods in education
  • Help students to develop capacity for data management Sharpen students’ academic writing skills
  • Provide hands-on experiences, opportunity for experience

All Doctoral and MPhil students in the university are encouraged to participate in the seminars. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the seminars will be conducted virtually and students can participate by registering and joining the sessions.

The seminar series takes place from Tuesday, October 13, 2020, to Tuesday, February 9, 2021.

Download the attachment for a detailed programme outline here.

Visit the official page for further details on how to register for the seminar

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