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Sample of Integrated Science 1 & 2 Virtual Mock Examination For 2021 BECE Candidates

The 2021 BECE examination is likely to start in two to three months from now according to some sources, and as a student who will be sitting for the WAEC 2021 Basic Certificate Examination, there is the need to learn well so you’ll be able to pass your exams.

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In preparation for the examination, one needs to revisit some past questions including their Districts or Regional MOCKS Exams. In our previous article, we have discussed most of the MOCKS examination Questions in almost all the subjects.

In today’s article, we are going to give out another MOCK examination past question which may be helpful to you.

So without wasting much time, below are samples of Integrated Science 1 & 2 Virtual Mock Examination For 2021 BECE Candidates. You can go through them and leave us a comment below the article if you need further help or have a question.

SECTION A – Objectives Question and Answers


1. The particle of soil which gives a gritty feeling when rubbed between the fingers is
A. clay
B. sand
C. silt
D. loam

2. The physical property that refers to how rough or smooth a soil is known as,
A. capillarity
B. air content
C. water holding ability
D. texture

3. A collection of magnetic lines of force is known as
A. magnetic density
B. magnetic flux
C. magnetic field
D. field density

4. Meat, beans, and dried fish are food typically rich in
A. starch
B. protein
C. fat
D. vitamins

5. A place where seedlings are raised before they are transplanted to the field is known as
A. the nursery
B. the vegetable farm
C. beds
D. flower pot

6. The transfer of heat through a solid medium is by I – Conduction II- Convection III- Radiation
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I and II only

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7. Excess glucose in the body is converted into
A. urea
B. glycogen
C. fatty acid and glycerol
D. ammo acids

8. Which of the following nutrients is needed for the development of strong teeth?
A. Protein
B. Roughage
C. Calcium
D. Fats and oil

9. The planet Earth is located in a galaxy known as
A. constellation
B. meteorites
C. milky way
D. satellite

10. Which of the following methods of mosquito control requires high technical expertise?
A. Environmental method
B. Chemical method
C. Genetic method
D. Biological method

11. Soil erosion takes place when
A. Soil is limed
B. The land is ploughed
C. Soil nutrients are lost
D. Rainfall is heavy

12. Which of the following is the source of Salicylic
A. Vinegar
B. Grapes
C. Red ants
D. Aspirin

14. The force of attraction between molecules of different substances is called
A. adhesion
B. cohesion
C. tension
D. viscosity

15. An example of a parasite which lives in the intestine of an animal is
A. guinea worm
B. jigger
C. plasmodium
D. tapeworm

16. The purpose of vaccination is to
A. kill disease-producing organisms in the body
B. increase the activity of white blood cells
C. induce the production of anti-bodies
D. cure the disease

17. A transistor whose middle layer is a P-type semiconductor is called
A. PNP Transistor
B. NPN transistor
C. NPP transistor
D. PNN transistor

18. Electrical energy is measured in
A. volts
B. ohms
C. joules
D. watt

19. A group of atoms that stay together as a charged unit is called
A. isotope
B. radical
C. atom
D. ion

20. Which of the following gases is given out during photosynthesis?
A. Carbon dioxide
B. Carbon monoxide
C. Nitrogen
D. Oxygen

21. Which of the following carry oxygenated blood to the cells and tissues of the body?
A. Arteries
B. Capillaries
C. Veins
D. Hormones

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22.When fish is dried, the fish loses water by
A. transpiration
B. osmosis
C. diffusion
D. active transport

23. Which of the following happens during fertilization in humans?
A. Membrane forms around the egg
B. Only one sperm fuse with the egg
C. The egg divides into two
D. The egg moves down into the egg tube

24. Relative humidity is usually expressed in
A. percentage
B. millimeters
C. centimeters
D. degree Celcius

25. Which of the following is not a fossil fuel?
A. coal
B. Kerosene
C. Petrol
D. Sun

26. The simplest way of making well water suitable for laundry purpose is by
A. Adding alum
B. boiling
C. chlorination
D. filtering

27. The method used to separate an insoluble solid from liquid is
A. crystallization
B. distillation
C. filtration
D. sublimation

28. Which of the following compounds is formed when copper burns in oxygen?
A. CuO
B. MgO
C. CO2
D. NH3

29. Which of the following alloys is used for making currency coins?
A. Solder
B. Cupronickel
C. Duralumin
D. Ni

30. The combining power of an element is called
A. ion
B. electron
C. atom
D. valency

31. The shedding of leaves of plants during the dry season protects them against
A. bush fire
B. plant-eating animals
C. heat loss
D. water loss

32. The eclipse of the moon occurs when the
A. moon and the sun are in straight line
B. earth and the sun are in straight line
C. sun is between the earth and the moon
D. earth is between the sun and the moon

33. A car battery produces electrical energy from
A. chemical energy
B. sound energy
C. Kinetic energy
D. Heat energy

34. The process by which living things obtain energy from food in their body cells is known as
A. Tissue respiration
B. Excretion
C. Selective reabsorption
D. Digestion

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35. The farming system that involves the growing of the same crop on the same piece of land year after year is called
A. Crop rotation
B. Ecological farming
C. Monocropping
D. Monoculture

36. Which of the following crops is a fruit vegetable?
A. Cabbage
B. Carrot
C. cassava
D. Tomato

37. What type of fruit is a mango?
A. Drupe
B. Pepo
C. Berry
D. Caryopsis

38. Sickles are tools used for
A. Pruning shrubs
B. Harvesting cassava
C. Harvesting rice
D. Harvesting orange

39. Substances produced by a reaction are termed
A. Raw materials
B. reactants
C. raw substances
D. products

40. The human tooth that is chisel-shaped and used for biting food is
A. canine
B. incisors
C. molar
D. premolar

Download the full PDF Question continuing both Section A and B Visual Mock (1)- Science Here.

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