How to Properly Revise for WAEC: Pass BECE Exam 2023/2024

How to Properly Revise for WAEC: Pass BECE & WASSCE Exam 2022/2023: Hidden Secrets to Pass Waec Exam 2023/2024, how can one learn, how to study, how to read and understand. All these are what we are going to look at in this article.

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Most students don’t understand the concept of studying/revision. So they turn to get more confused when the exams are approaching. In every examination, it’s advisable for every serious student to begin preparing a month before the exams. But how can one prepare for an effective examination? These we are going to see in this article.

How to Properly Revise for WAEC

  • Jot Down Points While Studying
  • Summarize what you’ve read
  • Practice with Past Questions
  • Gather your notes
  • Test Yourself

Jot Down Points While Studying

Most students don’t write key points during their personal studies. They always read throughout which is not best for them during revision. As a student, it’s important to write key points down on your jotter or solution board during revision/learning hours. Writing key points down helps you to easily remember these points whenever you are trying to recall them in an exam hall.

Summarize What You’ve Read

When reading a handout or lesson notes, it is advisable to summarize each point of the paragraph read in your own words. Doing so will help you to understand the topic to the best of your ability and also will go a long way to help you remember whatever you learned before, during, and after your examination.

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Practice with Past Questions

Solving past questions has always been one of the best ways to stay relevant with the waec and other examination questions setting patterns. As you solve more past questions, you get to know how these questions are set and you may also be likely to meet some of these questions being repeated in your final exams. You can get access to all the Waec BECE and Wassce Past questions here.

Gather your notes

Most students undermine the act of copying notes during class lessons. But as a serious student, you should always try to write down notes whiles your teacher is explaining/teaching in class. Most teachers summarize the NCCA lesson notes to your understanding. They try to explain the points to your level. So when you have these notes available, you’ll need to read them along with other handouts available to you. Notes reading can help you to easily absorb key points.

Test Yourself

Always get a sample of questions to try yourself. This is the only way you can use to test your learning capacity and also how far with come with your learning toward the examination ahead of you.

There you have them, How to Properly Revise for WAEC: Pass BECE & WASSCE Exam 2023/2024.


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