Update on 2023 Registration of BECE Candidates – March 2023

Update on 2023 Registration of BECE Candidates – March 2023: The management of WAEC/ GES wishes to bring to the notice of all heads, parents, students, and stakeholders about the date schedule for the registration of 2023 BECE candidates.

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An update sighted indicates that the BECE 2023 registration of candidates is scheduled to begin on Monday, 27th March to Friday, 28th April 2023. The BECE for School and Private Candidates, 2023 will be administered from Monday, 7th to Friday, 11th August 2023

” The Council will hold briefing sessions for all stakeholders who will be involved in the registration of candidates from Tuesday, 21st to Friday, 24th March 2023. The registration portal for the registration of eligible candidates will be open from Monday, 27th March to Friday, 28th April 2023.”


  • Third-year students in Junior High Schools are eligible for the school candidates examination.
  • It is against the rules and regulations of the examination to register candidates who are in the first or second year and those who are not bonn fide students of your school.


The registration would be carried out according to fo the following timelines:

  1.  Capturing of candidates” personal information, subject selection, and pictures: 327th March to Friday, 28th April 2023.
  2.  Downloading of CASS software, capturing of scores, and subsequent uploading of data online
  3.  Downloading of School Choice software, selection of schools, and subsequent uploading of data online
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Heads of School are entreated to study the following documents carefully, before starting the exercise.

  1.  BECE Registration Procedure Flyer,
  2. Notes for the Guidance of Heads of School on Registration of Candidates;
  3. User Manual for BECE-BRS software.

The ‘User Manual’ and ‘Registration Software’ can be downloaded from the registration website https://waecinternetsolution.org using the school’s login and password.

Please note that; it is extremely important that the correct subjects are selected during the registration exercise Finalize your registration data only after all corrections have been effected:


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