How to Properly Answer Questions in 2024 BECE – Must Read

How to Properly Answer Questions in 2024 BECE – Must Read: As you prepare to sit for the 2024 BECE examination, it’s much of interest to know How to Properly Answer Questions in 2024 BECE.

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Most candidates failed the waec examination not because they don’t know the answers to the questions, but because they lacked knowledge on how to answer WAEC questions.

In our previous posts, we have given out some strategies on how to answer comprehension questions. In this article, we are going to give you a general step on how to answer any BECE question.

knowing how to answer questions in your final examination will help you score high grades which will help you also get a better aggregate score in the BECE examination.

If you are here, then you can see below how to answer the 2024 BECE waec examination.

Read The Paper Instructions and Understand.

Every paper (Subject) has its own instructions for the candidates. Candidates are being told what to do and what not to do on any question paper. So as a candidate, when you enter the exam hall before you are told to start work, make sure to go through the paper instruction written on the front page of the questions paper.

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Also when you are told to start work, make sure to read the instruction for each question before you start work.

Some candidates turn to deviate from the main topic simply because they didn’t read and understand the instruction for that paper. For instance, the waec may ask students to answer question one (1) and any other three (3).

But because a candidate didn’t read the instruction, he/she will ignore the question (1) and answer any other four questions. In this case, you will only be marked for three questions because question one was not part of your answer which is a compulsory question.

Read all The Questions over and over Before Starting Work.

When presented with the question papers, do not rush to start work. make sure to read all the questions, and understand the requirement of the question before you begin to answer. Most students deviate from the main requirement of the questions because they’ve not read and understood them.

Thick and Jot answers to Questions You Can Answer well.

While reading over the questions, make sure to thick the question you think you can answer very well. There are instances where all the questions presented to you are within your reach. Meaning you know the answers to them all.

In this case, it’s your duty to select the ones you can actually express yourself when answering them. Do not jump to select a question and begin to answer simply because you know the answers to some of them.

Take your time and select the questions you can answer all the follow-up questions when chosen. After selecting/thinking about the questions you can answer, make sure to Jot some points on those questions so you’ll not forget them when answering.

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You can know the answer to a question when going through it, but when it comes t answering that question, the answers will escape from your mind. So it’s advisable to always write down your points against the question so when you come back to that question, you’ll be able to remember the points there you can develop them.

Start every Question on a new page and each Answer on a new paragraph.

As part of the examination instruction, candidates are being told that clarity of expression and neatly presented answers may attract marks. This means, in other to score a good mark from the examiner, you must strive to present good-looking answers.

If you have a well and neatly presented answer, it makes the work of the examination easy. The examiner will not suffer to locate your answers on the answer booklet. You can do this by starting every question on a new page and each answer on a new paragraph.

For instance, if you’ve finished answering Question one (1) and are about starting say Question two (2),  you should turn a new page, to begin with, the question two answers. Do not continue to answer question two(2) on the remaining space(page) where you need question one answers.

Always go straight to the point. Do not Prolong your Answers.

There are hundreds of papers to be marked by the examiners. In light of that, candidates are advised to always go straight to the point when answering questions. Candidates should not prolong answers to the questions. Irrelevant information should be left out when answering BECE questions. Doing this will save you time and also help the examiner to have ample time to finish the marking. But please note, going straight to the point doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express yourself when answering the questions. make sure to answer the question to the best of your ability.

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Do all your rough work on the Answer Booklet

All rough works must be done on the answer booklet. Assuming you are writing mathematics questions that demand workings, you are advised to do all the workings on the answer booklet. This will help the examiner to award marks to you in case you could finish answering the question on time. But please make sure you cancel the rough work neatly after you finished answering all your questions.

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