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5 Courses With High Job Opportunities In Ghana


In Ghana, we always say that the rate of unemployment is very high but forgetting to note that, jobs are secured or gotten depending on the course you choose to study. There are some courses when you study them it is very hard for you to secure a job., But that should not be a reason for us to say that there are no jobs in the country. The real fact is that some of the jobs we want to pursue in the future are already taken by others hence there would not be a vacancy for us.

Before we think of going into any job it will depend on what we study at university. To prevent or minimize the risk of not getting a job, we need to consider some factors before choosing a course to study. One of the factors is the sector to which you want to study and the other one is the job opportunities in that sector. Assuming you want to study education and training you will have to consider the sector of education. You have to know the job opportunities there before studying.

In this article, we write to help take the misconception people have in their minds. There are a lot of courses with job opportunities and even with hefty wages. We have made a thorough research and came out with the top 5 courses studied in Ghana with the highest job opportunities and even wages. See below the Top 5 courses

Creative Arts, Design and Communication

In this sector, we have numerous courses of study which include acting, make-up, fashion designing, and many more. Art is one of the best careers nature has given us,. It comes with a lot of opportunities which does not need you to sit in the office before you can get paid. All you need to do is to complete your course to get your certificate and you are free to work. When you complete any course under this you do not have to compete with anyone for any job like in the art center or entertainment. Jobs available in this sector are Costume Designing, Make-up, Fashion Design, and many more.

IT Related Courses

In this modern world, information and technology drive the world. In Ghana and even other countries when you have knowledge about IT the chances of you getting a job are very high. As said earlier, some of the jobs in this section do not require you to sit in the office. All you need is to get your qualification, computer, and internet connection. Courses like Computer Science, Web Designing, and many others are available. When you finish up your course you can become a Software Developer, Website Designer, Computer Programmer, and many other opportunities out there. And one of the advantages of being in this filed is that you can have multiple jobs making extra cash.

Engineering Courses

Another powerful sector in Ghana with a lot of job opportunities in Engineering. We lack engineers in every sector that they are needed. This field is very wide meaning when you study any of the courses under engineering the chances of you getting a job are very high. This ranges from Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and many more. This should tell you that, the guarantee of you getting a job when you study any of this is 70% and above. The country is in need of an engineer’s service and it is time to get you on board if you want to secure a job that will sustain you for a lifetime. You can become an engineer is any of the fields mentioned above depending on the course you study in engineering.

Business and Finance Related Courses

Business and Finance related courses are one of the courses which when studied will expose you to more job opportunities. People have the misconception that when you study business the chance of you getting a job is very low. This is not true. In every business, there must be some people to manage it in terms of its finance and marketing. Any company will like to be famous and promote a good sale. Where do they get individuals to undertake this project? This brings to discuss one of the courses in Ghana with more job opportunities. Individuals who study Business and its related topics will get access to these job opportunities. Business Marketer, Accountant, and other financial and related careers are from this section.

Human Resources Related Courses

Human resources are the set of people who make up the workforce of an organization, business sector, industry, or economy. A narrower concept is human capital, the knowledge which the individuals embody. Similar terms include manpower, labor, personnel, associates, or simply people. When you take courses under this the job opportunities under it include Career Advisor, Recruitment Consultant, Office Managers, Human Resources Officers, and many more.

There are more than courses when you study them you will get the job that suits you. Above are the carefully selected ones which are very common and easy to undertake. You will be exposed to any job opportunity of your choice when you study any of the above courses discussed above. Be prepared to decide your future and let not the society tell you what to do. You know what you are capable of doing. So you must do whatever it takes to get a well paid and legitimate job. You can do this by offering any of the courses discussed above.

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