7 Reasons Why Students Fail Exams & How to Overcome Them

7 Reasons Why Students Fail Exams & How to Overcome Them:

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For the past four years, we have been in the service of helping students in their studies for the waec examination (BECE and Wassce). During these years of service, we encountered  different types of students. In most cases, these students are brilliant, but for some reason, they perform poorly during their Examinations. It saddens our hearts to see students not being able to perform as expected. This has led us to bring out this article.

In this article, we are going to reveal to you 7 Reasons Why Students Fail Exams & How to Overcome Them. If you are a student preparing to write your waec examination (BECE or WASSCE), then you must stick to this post and read to the end. This article will help and shape you to have fruitful results at the end of your Examination.

7 Reasons Why Students Fail Exams & How to Overcome Them

Lack of Confidence 

We have seen great and intelligent students failing the exams because they lacked confidence in their learning. Many students lack confidence, so they cannot complete their questions and lose marks. Lack of self-esteem is another reason that brings about poor performance for some students. Many students fail because they are unsure whether what they learned is correct or whether anything will appear on the exam.

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Over Dependency External Help

Many students rely on WhatsApp Groups/Telegram for leakages. Regardless of how well they prepare for the exams, they always believe that they must get leakages (Apor) before they can pass and pass well. This has been the major source of their failure. As a student, you are always advised to study hard, learn your notes and solve more of the past questions. Doing so will boost your confidence and remove the fear of failure in your heart. Do not rely on external help but instead trust your instincts and give your best during the exams.

Misread Question/Wrong Interpretation

Students sometimes fail because they have a wrong understanding of the questions they are answering. It is that they either misread the question, answered a different question, or wrote so poorly that the examiner couldn’t give them enough pass. When a question paper is available to you in the exams hall, make sure you read and understand the requirement of the question very well before you begin to answer. This will prevent you from deviating from the answers to the question on set.

Lack of Interest in a Subject

Another reason for student failure is a lack of interest in a particular subject or topic in school. This could be due to laziness, students’ hate for teachers,  and carelessness. once a student lacks interest in a particular subject, they are likely not to perform well in that subject. People who perform better in any aspect of life have passion for what they do. So if you want to perform better in your exams, you must develop a complete interest in all the study subjects.

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Inability to Read Widely

Many students have difficulty reading further. They prefer to take notes from what the teacher gives them. However, teacher notes are insufficient for exceptional excellence. You may struggle during exams if you rely solely on your teacher’s notes without expanding your readings.

Procrastination and Lack of Time Management

If you have the habit of waiting until the dying minute to begin your preparations for the exams, you will always end up with little or no proper preparations, which will usually result in poor performance and grades. Procrastination is at the heart of this habit. When you keep postponing the time to read forward until there is no more time to read, you will end up with rush hour preparations. Even if you can set aside some time, you will only be able to read a few chapters thoroughly. Always read ahead of time and do not wait for the last hour’s preparation.

Not Following the Exams Instructions

There is a correct way to answer each question in an examination. Most of the time, students do not have enough time to read the questions and respond appropriately. For example, if the question states that you should list and explain, you will almost certainly lose some marks if you do not list before explaining each of the points. There is always an instruction that must be strictly followed during the exams. It is essential to read and comprehend the questions and instructions before you begin to answer the questions.


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