College of Education Application 2024: How to Solve Insufficient Balance – TEU Centre Code

The 2024 admission forms for all 46 Colleges of Education are out for sale. This means interested persons can now buy and apply for their preferred college in Ghana. In our earlier update, we took you through how to apply for admission at the Ghana College of Education and listed some of the admission entry requirements for CoE in 2024.

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In that simple-to-follow guide, we discussed how to buy College of Education Forms, fill out the online admission form, and highlight what to do after a successful application.

This has been a helpful guide to many, as they can follow through the steps and complete their application. On the contrary, it seems some applicants are finding challenges regarding the verification of the results on the CoE portal.

Many have lodged complaints that they always get feedback telling them to either enter their TEU Centre Code or feedback that says Insufficient Balance. If you are one of those having these challenges, then in this article, we will show you how to solve such a problem.

Please i bought a teacher training form through mtn mobile money but when filling d form online after completing everything i verified and under where my result will appear it den came enter (teu centre code) which i didn’t do technical too plse help me.

How to Solve Enter TEU Centre Code

The TEU centre Code has to do with applicants who completed technical schools. These persons need to obtain the TEU centre code from their previous schools (SHS) and then enter them to aid in varying the results. If the school you’ve attended is not a technical school, just enter your index number and verify the results.

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Insufficient Ballance – CoE

Most applicants also mention that they get insufficient balance feedback when trying to verify the results. From the information obtained, applicants get this kind of feedback when settlements need to be made.

Before the prospective colleges can verify the results, the applicants will have to pay the school’s verification fees. The school also pays WAEC for the verification to take place.

In most cases, if an applicant gets feedback that says there is insufficient balance during the application process, the amount paid to WAEC for verification by the school has been exhausted.

For such applicants to be able to complete the application, he or she will have to wait for some period (1 -2 days or a few hours) for the school to settle the verification agency. Once the settlement is done, the person can finish the registration.

So, if you’re facing this problem during your application, all you need to do is save the application and then wait for some hours or days before continuing. Once the settlements are done, you can complete the application.

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  1. Fosu Nathaniel says

    Pls, how much will I pay of the verification. I need to verify my result, please

    1. Staff Member says

      You don’t pay for verification. Wait and try again later. It will be verified if only the index number you entered is correct.

      1. Berko Theresah says

        Please let the schools be alert that they need to renew their debt for waec verification please

    2. Amissah Victor says

      I’ve bought admission form online but after I provided all the information, when I verify then they said insufficient balance.
      Please what should I do?

  2. Joe says

    Yello..I’ve been trying to buy through MTN MoMo since yesterday but keep getting the feedback‘transaction failed’ what could be wrong?

    1. Staff Member says

      Are you sure you have the required amount loaded into your wallet? Try and top up and amount more than the admission form before the purchase.

  3. Janet Abena Daih says

    Please how can I solve the issue of the TEU centre code

  4. Agyemang Wisdom says

    Please i try doing my registration but it keeps on coming insufficient balance please i need your help please

    1. Staff Member says

      Please try again it will come after your COE have sorted waec out. Keep trying.

  5. Nancy Dankwah says

    Please how can I solve the issue of insufficient balance

    1. Felix Sedem Dorgbetor says

      Please, I entered the same Index Number and the year on my hardcopy WASSCE May/June certificate given to me by WAEC through my School but the result cannot be found during the verification.

      Please what might be the problem? ,
      I earnestly need your help.

      1. Staff Member says

        Keep trying. It may be a glitch from the system. It will be solve soon.

  6. Ignatius Adoma says

    Pls where from insuffiecient balance pls i need to very my result

    1. Agyemang Esther says

      Please I can’t verify my result. I keep getting insufficient balance it’s been two days now

      1. Staff Member says

        Try again a few days later. Meaning the funds for verification at WAEC have been exhausted. Wait and try again. Don’t rush the process. you have until August 2024 to submit your application

  7. Ignatius Adoma says

    I want to verify ma result so should i do

    1. Staff Member says

      Please, this is a general issue. So try and understand. It will be resolved soon.

  8. Agyemang Wisdom says

    5 days now my result is not verify and is just keep on coming insufficient balance please which payment did they want us to do?? So that we done it and be free.

  9. Agyemang Wisdom says

    Please how much is the verification fee so that i pay and be free

  10. Mensah Millicent says

    I called my headmaster and told him the issue about the insufficient balance and he told me he dnt know anything about it. Please so what is really going on cuz 5days now I still can’t complete my form.

    1. Staff Member says

      Please is not your headmaster who will sort it out but the colleges of education principals/waec. Please have some patience. It will be sorted out soon. It does happen. Last year the same happened but was later rectified. best wish!

  11. Agyemang Wisdom says

    Is now rectify thanks so much

    1. Staff Member says

      We are happy to be of help to you. Please share the post to reach manny. Thanks

    2. Staff Member says

      We are happy to be of help to you. Please share the post to reach many. Thanks

    3. Adutwum says

      please how did you solve yours kindly help me

  12. IGNATIUS ADOA says

    still i cant verify ma result i heard it came but still insufficient balance

    1. Staff Member says

      Please keep on trying. It will surely go through. There are more pressure on the system.

      1. Agyemang Wisdom says

        Please i finish my registration online and am told submitted successfully. What is the next step

        1. Staff Member says

          You have to print out the form, make four (4) copies and send/Post them to each school you selected.

  13. Alfred Asante says

    Can’t verify my school

    1. Felix Sedem Dorgbetor says

      Please can’t still verified my certificate for the past one week now, after all trials.

      Might be the problem

  14. Christopher Mikehu says

    I’m trying to fill my forms but it keep coming insufficient balance, please what’s going on it’s been two days now

  15. Christopher Mikehu says

    Please help me What should I do

  16. Peggy Darko says

    I cant verify my results. keep getting insufficient balance

  17. Peggy Darko says

    Cant verify my results. Keep getting insufficient balance

  18. Christopher Mikehu says

    What’s going with this insufficient balance, I need help please

  19. kwabia Aboagye says

    Please, the space provided for the selection of choice of school can not open. I need some help

  20. Amedior Francis says

    Please it’s been a week now and I tried to verify my result but it keep on coming insufficient balance please how can I solve such problem

  21. Daniel says

    please ive verified my results for several days but nothing comes. please i need help
    when i tried the first day and it didn’t work, i tried in two days time and still, even up till now now it hasn’t still worked

  22. SAMUEL OSEI says

    I have tried several days, but it keeps saying there is insufficient balance. What should I do?

    1. Staff Member says

      Try again two days later. Meaning the funds for verification at WAEC have been exhausted. Wait and try again. Don’t rush the process. you have until August 2024 to submit your application

  23. jay says

    Pls Im having insufficient balance problem when filling my forms
    What should I do to solve this problem

    1. Staff Member says

      Try again two days later. Meaning the funds for verification at WAEC have been exhausted. Wait and try again. Don’t rush the process. you have until August 2024 to submit your application

  24. Germain Yaw says

    I have verified the results of an applicant successfully but unfortunately the portal logged me out. Now I cannot verify the results again. Please what can I do?

    1. Staff Member says

      Wait and try again. Whenever you verify your results, make sure to click on the save button before you continue. You only get 3 chances. After that, you can’t verify until you buy a new form.

  25. Atina Prosper says

    Please I am applying using TEU results but anytime I want to verify the results it takes me back to login page

  26. Oheneba says

    I have done all the needful instructions but its still insufficient insufficience balance so please I really need your support.

    1. Richard says

      We’re you able to verify it

    2. Richard says

      were you able to verify it

  27. Augustina Boatey says

    My problem is about TEU issues so I can’t even finish filling my forms.please I need your help

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