How to Access Your NSS Postings and Do Registrations 2023

Following the releases of the NSS postings, We wish to take you through the process of How to Access Your NSS Postings and Do Registrations 2023. This is a simple but helpful guide on how to access, print, and complete your 2023 NSS postings.

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How to Access Your NSS Postings

Click on this link

Enter your username and password and click on sign in

Your Place of posting would be boldly displayed on the dashboard.


  • Click on Show Appointment Letter
  • Click on Print Posting Letter
  • Print the Appointment Letter

NOTE: The Appointment Letter has two pages with the NSS Executive Director‘s signature at the bottom.
then also, print the USER AGENCY ACCEPTANCE FORM.


1st, Submit the  APPOINTMENT LETTER & USER AGENCY ACCEPTANCE FORM to the organization you have been posted.

The USER AGENCY ACCEPTANCE FORM is what has to be signed & endorsed with an official stamp by the Human Resource Manager(HR) or Head of Department(HoD) of the organization You Are Posted.

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What to do after the USER AGENCY ACCEPTANCE FORM has been signed by the HR/HOD

Book an Appointment (Date and time) if you wish to go to the NSS Regional Office or Registration center for validation and final registration.

The NSS Regional Office you are to go to is the one in the region where your User Agency (Organization you’re posted) is also located.

E.g., if you’ve posted to GHANA COMMERCIAL BANK (GCB) in Koforidua, you will go to the NSS regional Office in Koforidua.

Note that you can ONLY visit the regional office or registration Centre on the Date and time given to you.

Below are the steps to book your Appointment

(Date & Time) for the (validation & final registration) While on your dashboard;

  • Click on MENU
  • Click on Book Appointment; a calendar will pop up for you to select a date you wish to go to the NSS regional office for registration.

NOTE: In case the date you select is full (booked), you are to click on Find Available Slot for a different date.


On the scheduled date, you are to go to the regional office or your registration center with the following: (The Appointment Letter, The User Agency Form which has been endorsed by the Head of the Institution, Student ID, and any national ID)

You will be taken through all the relevant processes at the NSS REGIONAL OFFICE or REGISTRATION CENTER.

Closing Date:

The process of printing appointment letters by service personnel and getting endorsements from respective user agencies is scheduled to commence on Monday, October 16, 2023.

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The process of validation and registration at regional centres nationwide is scheduled to commence on Monday, October 23, 2023, and will extend through FRIDAY, December 29, 2023. This timeframe has been established to accommodate individuals aspiring to join the service who have not yet fulfilled the requirements of their academic programmes.

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