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How to Write Acceptance Letter for a job Offer with Sample as new Recruit

Getting your dream job appointment can sometimes be overwhelming and comes with much joy. When one is offered an appointment letter for a new job that he or she has been waiting for, The person is required to write a letter to the new organization accepting the appointment.

This letter of acceptance can sometimes help the job offering institution determine further your capability and your level of professionalism.

Before writing the letter of acceptance for a job offer, one must be well organized and planned. There should be no room for typos and grammar errors in the letter as it can undermine your professional light.

The letter is a good opportunity to further show your professionalism and commitment to your employer. It should be directly addressed to the office/person who offered you the job.

Key Points to note when Writing the Acceptance Letter for a Job Offer

  • The Letter of acceptance must be a formal letter.
  • You can start the letter by thanking the employer for the job offer.
  • It’s worth stating the full job title and reference in the letter.
  • It is also good to discuss the terms and conditions of employment in your letter of acceptance ( salary, benefits, work schedule, and starting date).
  • Just like any other offer, you can show your appreciation and enthusiasm for the opportunity given to you.

See below a sample of an acceptance letter for a job offer in the Local Government Sector. 


C/o Adams Mary

Post Office Box XXX

Kumasi, Ashanti Region

13th Januray 2021


The Ministry Of Local Government

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Post Office Box MB396

Ministries, Accra

Dear Sir/Madam,


In response to the letter of appointment offered to me which is dated 8th December 2020 with reference number OHLGS/XXX/XX/XX, I am pleased to accept the position given to me in the Agriculture Class Subject.

I must state my profound gratitude and joy for this golden opportunity given to me and I pledge to abide by the rules and regulations of the organization. I assure your High Office that I shall work to the best of my capabilities to uplift the image of the organization.

With the stated basic salary of SSSP level XX L step x-x, I am ready to start work at any given date from your ministry.

Thank you once again.


Yours faithfully


Your Name (Adams Mary)

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