SHS Placement 2023: See If You’ll Get Your First School of Choice or Not

SHS Placement 2023: See If you’ll Get Your First School of Choice or Not:

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As we await the release of the 2023 SHS placement of the BECE graduates, we are here to give you a hint on How to Know if you’ll Get your First Choice or Not.

The 2023 SHS placement is going to be on merit. Meaning students will be placed in their various schools based on the grade obtained and the available slots in the schools selected.

In most cases, each senior high school has a quota of students they can take. This and other metrics are what the GES, MOE, and the Management of the CSSPS will take into consideration before they place students into the various schools.

For the past week, we’ve been getting these and other questions from the 2022 BECE graduates:

  • Please, I got an aggregate of 18. Can I get my first choice school
  • My grade is 23 can I get my second choice school
  • I had 19 can I still get St Augustine to offer general art?
  • Please I had 12 will I be able to get my first choice
  • My sis got 19 can she get her first choice?

As a 2022 BECE candidate who is waiting for placement into any of the schools of your choice, below are some of the things you can consider to see if you’ll get your first, second, or third school of choice


  1. You may get your first choice if you had aggregated score of not more than 20, that is if the first choice is within the category A Schools.
  2. Students who obtain aggregate scores of not more than 30 are likely to get their second choice of school.
  3. BECE graduates who had a grade not more than 36 may be placed in their third school of choice.
  4. Persons with an aggregate between 36 to 45 may have to do a self-placement.
  5. Please note that these are projections based on the previous year’s placement. The CSSPS placement formality may change and the above analysis may not work.
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We shall keep you updated as and when there are new developments to the above metrics.

Meanwhile, students are advised to stay calm and not fall victim to fraudsters who claim to change their placement schools at a fee.

  • SHS Placement 2022: See If you’ll Get Your First School of Choice or Not:


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