How To Write an Informal Letter with a Sample: All You Need To Know – 2024/2025 Best Tips

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An informal letter or letter writing is very important to know. Students always meet letter writing when they are writing their final exams. So the need for us to discuss how to write a letter to be precise informal letters.


It is a personal letter, written to whom you are familiar with, like friends, siblings, parents, or any other closed one. While writing an informal letter, one can afford to be friendly and make use of a personal or emotional tone. This has summarized the meaning of the informal letter and the receivers of the letter.


Before anything important becomes complete, there are elementary or basic things that make it up. There are ways of writing an informal letter. It has some features that make it informal starting from how it is written and the diction or language used in writing it.

We do not write informal letters like we write formal letters. In friendly letters, you can decide to use the normal language you use when talking to a friend. In formal letters, everything you want to say respect must be attached to it because you are writing to someone above you in terms of position. So the use of abusive words is not needed informal letters. The diction in an informal letter should not be the same as that of a formal letter.

let’s take a look at what is needed in an informal letter.

Writer’s Address: This is what makes the beginning of every letter.Β  Here, you are the one writing you need to indicate your address which means your location. It should be written at the right top corner of the paper. This should include street or house numbers. This is very essential in case the person is writing back it will guide him to write to you.

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NB: Don’t forget to write your country’s name if the recipient or the receiver is outside your country.

Date: This is another important element because it shows the day the letter was written. People always think that the date is also part of the address, this is very wrong. The date is an element standing on itself. So if not included, the letter is invalid. It is written below the address.

Salutation/Greeting: Right after you have written the date. You then come down maybe three to four lines away from the date on the left side of the paper to present your salutation or greeting. You shouldn’t present your salutation like that in a friendly letter. Don’t use hey or hi but use dear in the salutation.

Introduction:Β In this paragraph, you will ask about the receiver’s health condition and any other thing related to the well-being of the person. Go on to tell the receiver your mood whiles writing the letter and also tell him why you are writing the letter.

Body/Content: This is where the major work is. In this section after you have made the introduction, you will write all that you want him to know on the reason why you are writing the letter. Assuming you are writing to request money from your brother abroad, when you get to the content you will tell him the reasons why you are requesting the money. This should take about four to five paragraphs.

Conclusion:Β After writing all that you want the receiver to know, you then summarized the talks you did in the content here. You will say goodbye to the receiver here and request feedback. If there is another important information you want him to know, maybe about the naming ceremony in your house then you tell the receiver here.

Subscription and Signature: You then subscribe and then sign to close the letter. To subscribe, you can write “Your Son” if writing to your father and many of this kind.

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Basically, this is what an informal letter consists of. Now let’s take a look at an example to guide us when writing.

A friend of yours wants to study in your school and has written to you for information and advice. Write a reply to him telling him all he needs to know about the school.

AZ Senior High School,

Post Office Box xx,

Amanti, A/R.

21st July 2023

Dear Karim,

I received your letter in which you expressed your intention to study in my school with the utmost happiness. I am particularly happy that you will be with me in the same school benefiting from the enormous facilities available in my great school

My school is a model Millennium school with good building spacious classrooms with all the needed comfort like ceiling fans and adequate seats for all students. It is located in a serene environment which makes the school conducive to learning.

Having good, spacious, well-equipped laboratories plus a big well-furnished library will delight you as a serious science student.

Our laboratories are the best around as each of them has all the necessary equipment for practical lessons and the school library can accommodate at least four hundred students at a time.

The librarian is there to give out books to students that they can read in the library or take home. There is no doubt that you can get books and other ICT materials which can assist your academic excellence in the library. This is one of the reasons students don’t loiter on the school’s premises.

Apart from this, my school has a team of qualified, resourceful, and friendly teachers. They are also hardworking and always ready to render assistance to students as long as it will improve their academic performance. What is paramount in their mind is the academic excellence of their students.

They are approachable and friendly as you are free to come to them for extra lessons on any topic that is not clear to you. They are always there to help their students. You hardly can get such a team of selfless teachers in any school around.

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All that I have told you so far culminated in the excellent academic performance of my school in public examinations. For many years now, my school has always recorded high performance in all the subjects in theΒ  WASSCE.

You can be sure of having a good result if you change to my school. The high academic performance has also rubbed off on the school’s participation in academic competitions like debates and spelling bee competitions as my school always comes tops with prizes and laurels. The one thing that I don’t like about the school is the strict invigilation given to us during the examination. lol, you know what I mean?

But with all said and done, the school is 100% perfect for every student in and around the town. So if you really want to change school, my school should be your ultimate choice.

Yours Sincerely,

Ama Joe.


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