How to Reply a Query Letter For Violation of Company Policies

How to Reply a Query Letter For violation of Company Policies: If you are looking for a sample response to the query letter on violating company policies, then you have come to the right page.

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In this article, we are going to guide you on how to write your query response. we shall also give you a sample response prepared by our team to further guide you in your writings.

In answering a query letter, there are some guidelines you must follow, These guidelines will help you to effectively and nicely draft your reply to your superior.

  • Start with the general description of the violation.
  • The next part of your query will discuss what your behavior resulted in.
  • In another section of the letter, you must admit that you are the cause of what happened.
  • Before anything of this nature happens, there must be a cause, state the cause.
  • You must let your boss know that you have regretted what happened.
  • To finish up your query, you must indicate that you’re ready to correct the situation.

Sample of Query Letter

Please can you explain why disciplinary action should not be taken against you for violation of the company policies?

You gave the company account number to the following dealers Emeka trading and Sampson Okacha who are not our distributors. Your reply should get to me before the next 24 hours.


Sample Response to the above Query

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C/o Adeleke Abdallah
Ogun Dale Trading Centre
Abuja, Nigeria


The Manager
Ogun Dale Trading Centre
Abuja, Nigeria

Dear Sir,


In reference to your query letter dated 7th December 2022; I will like to state that, my action on this incident is not intentional.

Sir, if you can notice, when the rainy season is approaching, we find it difficult to sell the products.

All my Distributors in Abuja were not ready to make payment for the drinks. That is why I approach Mr. Sampson Okacha who promised to help me out for the season.

But Sir, Sampson is a big buyer and only agrees to pay to the company by himself, and that he will not pay to a personal account to buy a product other than the company’s account. Hence, I have to give the company’s account details out because I wanted to sell and meet up my target.

As a person, who needs more customers to the company products, I later deem it an honor to officially introduce Mr. Sampson Okacha of Emeka to you. I later sent his details to you for approval through the mail which I am sure you have received.

Sir, I am sorry if my actions have gone against the company’s ethics. It wasn’t my intention to go against the company’s norm and I promise this will never happen again.

Thank You


Yours faithfully


Your Name

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