Who is a Financial Analysts & How Much do Financial Analysts Earn in Ghana?

Who is a Financial Analyst?

A financial analyst is simply a person who undertakes financial data of certain established and well-backed businesses existing within the shores and sometimes outside a country to the very far world for work in finance as the heart of many existing jobs.

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The burden of work as a financial analyst is extremely strenuous such that, they deserve that better pay and some packaged incentives to keep their backbone and head up in offering their services to any institution they find themselves working at.

Employers of the professional financial analyst don’t require a clear point field of study for financial analyst roles but a background in the following field of study would be of help in the offer of service, problem-solving skills, and analytical ability.

What are the Jobs Description of a Financial Analyst?

A financial analyst makes a prediction of future revenue and expenditure to help ascertain the budget for upcoming projects. A typical financial analyst job description should throw more light on researching and reporting on financial data, as well as taking a keen look and having a great interest in the financial movement within the market.

Many financial analysts work long hours and deadlines are restricted. They usually work for three years and then move back to school as to when and how the need arises or move onto another position in banking.

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They work in the following institutions like banks, pension funds, securities firms, insurance companies, and other businesses. Financial analysts are also known by the name, securities analyst and investment analyst. These are divided into two categories mainly; buy-side analysts and sell-side analysts.

What are the Skills and Knowledge Required of a Financial Analyst?

Here are the top 7 must-haves that would put one in a great position and a chance to grab a promising Job in finance; formal accounting qualification, ability to communicate, financial reporting, knowledge of IT software,  and problem-solving skills.

These and many more make the financial analyst a lucrative one with better condition and their mode of payment. It’s a jackpot to some few citizen’s in Ghana and even abroad to be awarded as a financial analyst

What is the Salary Range of a Financial Analyst?

Approximately, a financial analyst in Ghana earns salaries ranges from 3160 GHS  to 9, 780 GHS ). This is the monthly average salary including housing, transport,  and other benefits.


In conclusion, a financial analyst is a person who has detailed knowledge of the financial market, they predict and project the share prices of a company based on its balance sheet figures. A financial analyst also advises a company, individual, and institution using the current and future projected figures.  In most cases, their analysis is meant to inform the investing decisions of companies.
It’s worth noting that, the above salary range of a financial analyst in ghana is not the actual salary that a financial analyst of a company earns. This is an approximant/stipulated figure given based on some data gathered.
The salary of a financial analyst can be less or more than the projected depending on the company and the type of service the analyst is rendering.

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