Sample of BDT Questions For 2023 BECE Candidates – Read Try

Here is the Sample of BDT Questions For 2023 BECE Candidates – Read Try

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Best brain examination konsortium is an exam body that is in charge of organizing private examinations for students. Each year the BBEKO organizes Special Private Mock Examinations For BECE Candidates. If you are looking for the best Brain 2023 BDT questions, then you can find them below.

These questions were samples from the Theory Questions of the Best Brain First mock for May 2023. We encourage you to try your hands on these questions before seeking the answers if you really want to pass your 2023 BECE. Lets us know in the comment if you have any questions or if you need further help.

Sample of BDT Questions For 2023 BECE Candidates – Read Try



Answer Question 1

Question One (1)

(a) Copy and complete the table below on the following food nutrients as coming from body-building, energy-giving, or protective foods.

Vitamin C
Fats and oil


(b) Give two examples each of foods in a balanced diet that must be present in

(i) small quantities.
(ii) moderate quantities:
(iii) large quantities:


(c) Explain the following terms as used in sewing:

(i) Stitch
(ii) Seam
(iii) Patch,

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(d) Your class wants to design and make an artifact for packaging pens.

(i) Give two factors you will consider before coming out with the design.
(ii) Name four tools you will need for the work.


(e) State the operation for which each of the following instruments is suitable.

(i) Straight edge
(ii) Protractor
(ii) Clips

(f) Draw the following types of lines:

(i) Vertical
(ii) Horizontal
(iii) Curved
(iv) Diagonal
(v) Broken
(vi) Parallel

(g) Give two reasons why people attend exhibitions.



Question 2

(a) Copy and complete the table below.

Wood to wood
Wood to metal
Metal to metal
Plastic to wood



(i) State the difference between chiseling and chipping.
(ii) Identify two tools, each for chiseling and chipping.
(iii) State two precautions to follow when using a file.


(c) The figure below shows a wooden block.


Draw full size and in third angle projection.

(i) The front view in the direction of arrow V.
(ii) The plan
(iii) The right end elevation


(i) Make a neat sketch of a flat file and label four parts
(ii) State three precautions to be ensured when using a flat file.


(i) What are finishes?
(ii) State two reasons for selecting a finish for specific jobs.


(i) Make a neat sketch of rip saw and label any two parts.
(ii) State two ways for taking care and maintaining the rip saw.

Download the Best Brain May 2022 BDT Paper 1 & 2 PDF here.

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