Best Brain Mock Past Questions- BDT (Pretechnical Skills) – 2023

The best brain Examination private mock has been one of the best and standard private mocks in the country and for that matter, most BECE candidates are looking to try their hands at it.

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In our previous Updated, we have provided you with almost all the best brain past questions for your studies. In this article, we are given out the Best Brain September Mock Questions- BDT (Pretechnical Skills).

See below the Sample of Best brain Examination September Mock – BDT (Pretechnical Skills Questions)

Table of Contents

Section A (Core Skills)

Question One


(a) (i) State four functions of food in the human body.
(ii) Give three characteristics of wholesome food.

(b) Outline four qualities of a good seam.

(c) Draw a triangle and shade by using the cross-hatching technique

(d) (i) What is a market survey

(ii) Give two reasons why it is necessary to conduct a market survey
on your product.

(e) List four factors on which the analysis of a problem can be based.

(f) Give four useful pieces of information that must be found on labels of product

Section B

Questions two


(a) Draw three different representative symbols of a bulb

(b) (i) State four properties of acrylic that make it suitable for making the face of clocks.

(ii) List four other items made from acrylic plastic.

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(c) The figure below shows the front view of a truncated square pyramid. Draw the full size, the following:

(i) front view;

(ii) plan;

(iii) surface development,

(c) Write the steps involved in producing the tenon joint below

(d) Make a neat sketch of the following tools:

(i) Folding bar;

(ii) Funnel stake;

(ii) Rawhide mallet.

Question Three


(a) (i) State the difference between plumbing and levelling

(ii) Make a freehand sketch of wooden float:

(b) (i) What is pinning?

(ii) State one way of preventing pinning

(iii) Make a neat sketch of the hand file and label at least four parts.

(c) Name two tools each for carrying out the following

(i)mixing mortar;

(ii) measuring aggregates;

(iii) gauging blocks;

(iv) setting out a wall;

(v) picking and spreading mortar,

(vi) laying end blocks,

(d) (i) What is the main difference in usage between a steel rule and tape measure?

(ii) State two methods each for maintaining the tools in (d) (i) above.

Download the PDF version of the Best Brain September Mock Questions- BDT (Pretechnical Skills) here.


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