Sample of ICT MOCK Examination Questions For 2023 BECE Candidates

The 2023 BECE examinations according to some reports are scheduled to start somewhere in October this year.

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As a candidate, it’s good to prepare ahead of time so you can be able to cover many topics before you go in for the examination.

In your preparations for the examination comes the solving or trying your hands on some of the WAEC past questions together with your/other school’s MOCK examination questions.

In our earlier updates, we’ve discussed some of these BECE past questions and mock examination questions. In this article, we are here to continue from where we stopped.

Adding to the MOCK examination past questions is the ICT MOCK Examination question for 2023 BECE Candidates.

Please try your best to go through these questions as you prepare for the examination.

We have decided not to give answers to the above questions because we want you to try them on your own. But in case you need help with some of the answers, you can drop your comment in the box below this post and we shall provide you with those answers.

See below the Sample of the ICT MOCK examination for 2023 BECE Candidates. 
Attempt all Questions 

1. The large and powerful computers which are used in air-conditioned rooms are called 

(a) Mainframe computers

(b) microcomputers

(c) Minicomputers

(d) Supercomputers

2. Which of the following microcomputers can be used in the absence of electricity

(a) Desktop computers

(b) laptop computers

(c) IBM computer

(d) Tower computer

3. Personal computers which are used to exchange data and are typically found in a business environment

(a) Supercomputers

(b) Digital computers

(c) Microcomputers

(d) Minicomputers

4. Which of the following makes it easier for a computer staff to type very fast ——–

(a) Computer desk

(b) Computer chair

(c) Paper holder

(d) Minicomputers

5. Which of the following is not an advantage of a computer?

(a) Stores information

(b) Makes professionals mad

(c) For communications

(d) Neat to work

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6. To open a folder, we double click the

(a) left button

(b) Right click

(c) Center wheel

(d) Left-hand button

7. We use the ————– to scroll or roll pages

(a) Left button

(b) Right button

(c) Centre wheel

(d) Left hand button

8. The heart of the computer is the ———–

(a) Keyboard

(b) Monitor

(c) Joystick

(d) Central processing unit

9. The individual parts of the computer that interact with each other to perform a task is termed as

a) Hardware systems

b) Input device system

c) general computer system

d) Software system

10. Which of the following best defines computer hardware?

a) Hardest part

b) programs stored

c) Software part

d) programs stored on a pen drive

11. Which of the following store data and programs for immediate processing?

a) Monitor

b) Main memory

c) System unit

d) Hard disk

12. The term CPU refers to

a) Centre of the peripheral unit

b) Central processing unit

c) Processing unit

d) Storage unit

13. All diskettes must be ———- before they can store data

a) Retrieved

b) Named

c) Formatted

d) Saved

14. Capital letters are also known as ————-

a) Lower case letters

b) Ctrl B

c) Upper case letters

d) All letters

15. Which of the following displays data or information?

a) Monitor

b) Main memory

c) System unit

d) Hard disk

16. Which of the following is not an input device to a computer?

a) Keyboard

b) Mouse

c) Printer

d) Digital camera

17. One common layout of the keyboard is —————–

a) Cursor

b) Numlock

c) Qwerty

d) Ghat

18. A menu contains a list of ——————

a) Questions

b) Foods

c) Answers

d) Commands

19. Which of these is not a feature of Ms word

a) Spelling and grammar

b) Justification

c) Sectors

d) Bullet and numbering


20. Which of these is a secondary storage device?

a) Magnetic disk

b) Magnetic tape

c) Optical disk

d) Thesaurus

21. The following can be found on the menu bar of Microsoft word except ———

a) Edith

b) Open

c) View

d) Format

22.——— is a movable symbol on the display screen that shows the uses and where data may be entered

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a) Icon

b) Font

c) Style

d) Cursor

23. —— is a small picture, a figure that represents a task, a function, or a program in a graphical user interface

a) Menu

b) Windows

c) Folder

d) Icon

24. The shortcut key for help is ————-

a) F1

b) F2

c) Ctrl + B

d) Alt + S

25. The shortcut key for underline is the ———-

a) Shift + U

b) ALT + U

c) Ctrl + U

d) Enter + U

26. ——— is a process of checking for facts, spelling, grammar, punctuations of documents.

a) Cut and paste

b) Editing

c) Saving

d) Copying

27. When you want to correct a mistake whilst typing, you will go to the

a) File menu

b) Edith menu

c) View menu

d) Colors menu

28. When you want to open a folder, you will go to the

a) File menu

b) Edit menu

c) View menu

d) Colors menu

29. When you want to zoom (enlarge) your work on a page, where do you go?

a) on the Right corner of the page

b) On the Button of the page

c) On the Zoom Tab

d) None of the above

30. When you need any assistance, you go to

a) File menu

b) Edit menu

c) View menu

d) Help

31. Which of the following is an advantage of a computer?

a) Computer theft

b) Makes work dirty

c) It’s expensive

d) Stores information for future use

32. Which of the following is not a function of a computer?


a)Inputs data

 b) Computer outputs data    

c) Computer process data    

d) Cannot process data

33. The part of the computer that performs any task assigned to the computer is called?

 a) Keyboard          

b) Mouse

c) Processor

d) Monitor

34. Which of the following devices enables the user to send information to the computer.

a) Keyboard

b) Monitor

c) System unit        

d) UPS

35. The device attached to the computer that enables the user to see the result of the information processed by the computer is called.

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 a) Stabilizer
b) Hard disk
c) Monitor
d) Ports

36. Computers which are used to solve restricted class of problems referred to as

 a) Special-purpose computers

 b) Analogue computers
c) General purpose computers

d) Digital PC

37. Computers which are designed for different number of applications are called

a) Special-purpose PC  ​​

b) Application computers    

c) Scientific computers      

d) General purpose PC

38. A special pad used by laptop computers to control the movement of a pointer on the screen instead of a mouse is referred as

a)Track ball

b) Track pad

c) Mouse pad

d) Word pad

39. Which of the following keys on the keyboard deletes letters at the left part of the cursor

a) Right key

b) Left key

c) Space bar

d) Shift key

40. Which keys on the keyboard help the user to control the cursor movement on the computer screen?

a) Special-purpose keys

b) Num lock keys    

 c) Arrow or cursor keys

d) Function key

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