BECE ICT Likely Examination Questions & Answers For September 2023

BECE ICT Likely Questions & Answers For September 2022 (Best Brain):

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The 2023 BECE examination is scheduled to take place in September 2023 with the Information communication technology (ICT) being among the first papers to be written. As you prepare for this examination, Here are some of the questions and answers under the ICT that you may want to consider.

These questions are being taken from some of the previous waec BECE questions. You can try your hands on them as they have the tendency of reappearing in your waec BECE examination.

Please we took our time and made the research to bring you these questions and answers. We entreat you to please share this post using the share button below to help us reach many. We always try to update you with all the BECE questions together with other mock examination questions and answers.

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Question One (1)

(a) Study the diagram below carefully and answer the questions that follow:

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(i) What is the name of the application program used to create the above file?

(ii) Give the file name of the application program above.

(iii). Name the parts labelled A, B, C, D, E, and F in the diagram.

(iv) State the functions for B and C in (a) above.

(b) List the steps (in the right order) involved in switching on a personal computer

(c) Identify the following ICT tools.

BECE ICT Gadgets

Question Two (2)

(a) What is:

(i) input device,

(ii) Output device.

(b) Classify the following into either input or output device in the table below.

(i) Microphone

(ii). Joystick

(iii). Webcam

(iv) Plotter

(v). Scanner

(vi) Mouse


Question Three (3)

(a) Explain the term desktop as used in the personal computer environment.

(b) List three areas of learning where information and communication technology tools can be integrated.

(c) List two tools on the formatting toolbar of a word processing application.

(d) State two benefits associated with the use of information and communication tools in teaching and learning.


Question Four (4)

(a) What is internet?

(b) List four uses of the internet.

(c) What is a web browser?

(d) Give two examples of a web browser.


Question Five (5)

Explain the following terminologies.

(a) Cell

(b) Column

(c) ROW

(d) Graph

Answers to the Above Questions (Marking Scheme)

Answers to Question One (1)


(i) WordPad or Microsoft WordPad or MS WordPad



A– Word area or Text area or Document area

B– Format bar or Formatting toolbar or Font type

C– Title bar

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D – Menu bar

E – Tool bar or Standard toolbar or Copy

F– Rule or Ruler


Functions of B (Formatting toolbar)

  • The formatting toolbar helps user to change the appearance of text or document on the screen such as underline or make blood or change colour or align or change the font size/style of a selected text.
  • t is used to arrange the layout of a document.

Functions of C (Title bar)

  • It displays the name of the application or logo and the name of the file or document being worked on.
  • It maximises or restores a window. It relocates a window.

(b) Steps involved in switching on a personal computer system

  • Switch on power supply from the main socket.
  • Press on the power button of the monitor
  • Press on the power button of the system unit or CPU.


(i) Headset or earphone or headphone or earpiece

(ii) Digital watch

(iii) Pen drive or flash drive or USB modem or data stick or flash memory

Answers to Question Two (2)


(i) Input device is a device used to enter data or information into the computer.

(ii) Output device is a device that displays, prints, or presents the results of a computer’s work for human use.

BECE Input and Output Devices


Answers to Question Three (3)


Desktop is the system’s main interface screen which displays the taskbar,
wallpaper, icons and provides quick access to programs and information or Desktop is a graphical user interface that provides quick access to programs and information.or
Desktop is a graphical user interface that appears after booting.

(b) Areas of learning where ICT tools can be integrated

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  •  French
  • Research work
  •  Music
  • Basic Design and Technology
  • Social Studies, etc.
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(C) Tools on the formatting toolbar of a word processing application

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Font
  • Font type
  • Font colour
  • Highlight
  • Numbered


Answers to Question Four (4)


i. Internet is a global network of computers. or Internet is a worldwide connection of

ii. Uses of the internet

  • Sharing software
  • Online communication
  • Exchange of views on topics of common interest
  • Online shopping
  • Posting of information of general interest
  • Feedback about products
  • Customer support service
  • Entertainment
  • Research
  • E-commerce


(i) Web browser is an application software that enables a user to display and interact
with images, videos, text, music, games and other information at a website.

(ii) Examples of the web browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape Navigator, MSN, Google Chrome, Sea Monkey, Flock, Avant, Telnor Wanderer.


Answers to Question Five (5)

(a) A cell is a rectangular space created by the intersection of a row and a column.

(b) A column is a vertical block of cells on a worksheet identified by an alphabetic character(s).

(c) A row is a horizontal block of cells on a worksheet identified by a number.

(d) A graph is the visual or pictorial representation of data.

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