WAEC Official Tips For Passing Your BECE and WASSCE 20234

WAEC Official Tips For Passing Your BECE and WASSCE 2024: As you strive in your studies toward passing the coming Wassce and BECE examinations, here are some of the tips highlighted by WAEC on their official page that can help you in your examination. These are made known by the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) Officials/examiners. You are advised to go through these tips and make sure to abide by them if you really want to pass and pass well in your Examination.

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WAEC Official Tips For Passing Your BECE and WASSCE 2024

  • Make sure you have been correctly entered for the examination i.e. registered for the right subjects, check for correct spelling/arrangement of names, etc.
  • Revise using notes from your teachers, textbooks, past question papers, Chief Examiners’ Reports etc
  • Get to the examination centre early at least 30 minutes before the start of the paper
  • In the examination hall, make sure you read and understand all instructions before you start work.
  • Write your full name and index number in ink in the spaces provided on your question paper and answer booklet.
  • Use a 2B pencil only to shade your answers for the objective.
  • Read through all questions carefully and make sure you understand the demands of each question before selecting the ones you wish to answer.
  • In determining the requirements of a question, take note of keywords such as WHEN, STATE, DESCRIBE, CALCULATE, COMPARE, CONTRAST, DEFINE DISCUSS, IDENTIFY, ILLUSTRATE, SUMMARISE
  • Write fast and make sure that your handwriting is clear and legible.
  • Do independent work in the examination hall
  • Obey instructions to start and stop work.
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