WASSCE 2022 Provisional Results Release Date

WASSCE 2022 Provisional Results Release Date:

The wassce examination comes to an end on Tuesday, 27th September 2022. Students who have sat for the 2022 Wassce exams will have to wait for the papers to be marked, and verified before the results will be out.

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As a candidate, we understand you are anxious to see your results so you can make the next move in your education.

The new target date for the release of the WASSCE (SC) 2022 results is November 30, 2022.

How Are Waec Papers Marked?

The West African examinati on council in most cases uses 45 days to wrap up all the examination activities for both WASSCE and BECE candidates


According to a report sighted, a week or two after the completion of the examination organized by waec, the papers are distributed to the examiners to mark.

These examiners use two to three weeks to carry out the marking exercise.

After a successful marking by the examiners at the various regions, the papers will be submitted to the chief examiner at the various regional waec centres for verification.

Once the chief examiners find the results satisfactory, the chief examiner then forwards them to the WAEC HQ for final verification.

After everything is verified and all results/marks from the examiners correspond with the HQ allocated marks, then the results will be uploaded on the waec portal for release.

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All these according to the source take place within the 45 days set by waec. But it’s important to also note that, in a weird case, the release of the results will exceed the 45 days limit set.

WASSCE 2022 Provisional Results Release Date?

Since the 2022 WASSCE Examination ended on Tuesday, 27th September 2022,  then counting from that date to add up the 45 days period set, one can say that, if everything goes right, the wassce 2022 provisional results will be released in the third and last week of November 2022.

The New Target Date for the release of the WASSCE (SC) 2022 results is November 30, 2022. This was made known by waec fromtheir official released letter dated 22nd November, 2022

Please note that the above-stated periods are only projected release dates from us based on the above analysis. The release date may exceed these periods or be lesser than the projected dates given here.

You can save this page for further information on the wassce 2022 release date for school candidates.

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