BECE 2023 Graduates, What to Do if you are Not Happy With Your SHS Placement

The 2024 CSSPS Placement portal is expected to go live on the Week after the released of the BECE results for all 2023 BECE graduates to log on and check their various schools of placement. The CSSPS Portal has two forms of placement, Auto-placement, and Self-placement.

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Students who were Auto placed by the system have to print their enrollment form together with the placement form and visit the school to begin the admission process.

Those who were not placed by the system are expected to place themselves (Self-Placement).

According to GES, students who have been auto-placed into a school can not change their school after enrolment. The only thing they can do is ask for a transfer from their placement school head.

Can a person change schools after enrollment?

Ans: No. The Placement process ends once a candidate begins the admission process by going to the school to complete the relevant form(s). Any movement from one school to another after enrolment is considered a transfer. A student can only transfer after one academic year.

This means, if you are not satisfied with your placement school, you shouldn’t enroll, because once you are enrolled, you can not change the school.

Can a student change their residential status or programme of study after placement?

Ans: NO. A candidate usually gets placed into a particular school based on their preferred programme and the residential status they chose. A candidate competes for a slot in a particular school based on the preferences provided.

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