Update On CSSPS Self Placement Portal, See How to Change your School

Update On CSSPS Self Placement Portal, See How to Change your School:

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The 2023 CSSPS Placement portal was live as of 15th February  2023 for all 2022 BECE graduates to log on and check their various schools of placement. The CSSPS Portal has two forms of placement, Auto-placement, and Self-placement.

Students who were Auto placed by the system have no problem but those who were not placed by the system are expected to place themselves (Self-Placement).

As of 28th March 2022 around the hours of 18:00hr, almost all the schools in most of the Regions were full.

This means students who were not placed by the system will also find it difficult to select a school on the system since they were all filled.

It appears the management has taken note of the situation and has now re-updated the various schools for self-placement.

A check on the CSSPS portal this morning reveals that most of the schools which were full as of the earlier date, are now available for students to place themselves in.

If you are a student who has not been placed by the system and for that matter, you have to self-place yourself, then you can log on to the CSSPS

Placement portal as soon as possible and do so.

If you’ve already self-placed yourself to a school, you can also log on to check if you need to change school.

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How to do Self-Placement?

If a candidate is not matched with any of their choices from the automatic placement system, they will be redirected to the self-placement portal. A qualified candidate is then required to select a school by providing the under-listed information:

  • Region
  • Residential preference
  • School
  • Programme of Choice.

Schools selected on the self-placement portal can be changed as many times as the candidate wishes until the ENROLL in a school.

All schools with vacancies have been uploaded on the portal, to enable students to select from during self-placement.


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