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Adobe Premiere Pro Complete Video Editing Masterclass 2020

The Lessons are created so that you can learn video editing at your own pace. The screen was captured big enough that you can watch it even on your phone.
The Adobe Premiere Pro CC curriculum was based on materials originally written by the world-renowned Media trainer. If you are a beginner you will learn all the essential concepts for video editing and features to use the Adobe Premiere efficiently.

This course will also teach you tips, techniques, and some advanced features using the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro. It also includes many bonus tutorials and troubleshooting at the end.

It also includes Exercises and Hands-on practice to efficiently Edit your Video Professionally. We will guide you all throughout the course. Video editing should be fun and simple. Also, Adobe Premiere did a great job designing a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and easy to understand.

Who this course is for

  • Anyone who wants to edit videos for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or any social media using Adobe Premiere
  • Total Beginner who wants to know how to edit any videos using Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Beginner video editors who want to develop their skills to the next level
  • Anyone who wants to start video editing career
  • Experienced video editor who wants to review and wants a complete knowledge in Premiere Pro
  • who wants to make a video using Adobe Premiere Pro (the Best Video editing application)
  • A beginner who doesn’t know where and how to start.
  • Migrating from iMovie, Final Cut, Screenflow, Sony Vegas, Nero Video, Corel Video Studio, Premiere Elements, Camtasia, Windows Movie Maker to ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC (Best Professional Application)
  • Who wants to know and practice SIMPLE tactics to edit video FASTER
  • Anyone who wants to edit film or documentary using Adobe Premiere
  • Anyone who wants to create a promotional video using Adobe Premiere
  • Anyone who wants to make family vacation videos using Adobe Premiere
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What you’ll learn

  • A complete guide in video editing form start to finish with all fundamentals and Concepts of Premiere Pro
  • You’ll have your own edited videos using supplied free footages, photos, and music available from downloadable materials.
  • Many bonus tutorials, latest transition, and troubleshooting videos
  • Project Set up, Media importing and organization
  • Green screen replacing and fine-tuning
  • Program monitor, markers and clips
  • Timeline editing using fast keyboard shortcuts
  • Video editing basics and essentials
  • fixing shaky footage
  • Video transitions
  • Advance editing techniques
  • Add motion to clips
  • Audio editing and enhancing
  • Remove background noise
  • VIdeo slide show editing
  • Color correction and white balance without 3rd party software
  • Color grading without 3rd party software
  • Titles and graphics making
  • Video slow motion and time remapping
  • Video review and finding gap
  • Video Export and save it to your computer


  • Be able to use Mac computer or Windows computer
  • Students should have Adobe Premiere Pro CC installed on their computer so that you can follow the STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION to PRACTICE.
  • We are using Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Creative Cloud version but you can still learn if you are still using the old version of Adobe Premiere like CS6, CS5, CS4 or SC3.

Take Course Here

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