How to Pass and Get Good Grade in the WAEC Examination

How to Pass and Get Good Grades in the WAEC Examination: Before a student qualifies to pursue a higher level of Education in Ghana, mostly Senior High School, he or she has to sit for the WAEC Examination.

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Each year both Senior and Junior High School Students have to sit and write the WASSCE and the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in other to qualify and proceed to their next level of education.

As a student who has a high taste for a better Senior High School after completing Junior High School, you’ll need to obtain a better grade in your 2022 BECE.

With the new computing placement system, Schools that are perceived to be “Level A” require you to get a grade not less than Aggregate 9. This means you have to sit up, learn and pass well if you want to attend such schools. You can see how to calculate your grade here.

If you’re here, that means you are looking for a guide on How to Pass and Get a Good Grade in the 2022 BECE. If that’s true, then in this article, we have taken our time and listed a guideline on how to pass the 2022 BECE  very well and get admitted into the Senior High School of your choice. Check the WAEC Grading System here.

Find below a simple guide on How to Pass the 2022 WAEC BECE with Good Grades.

Put Out the Negative Thoughts About the Examination

The first step in securing a good grade in the 2022 BECE is rolling out negative thoughts about it. Some people have it in mind that the examination is tough and so no matter how good or prepared they are, they won’t make it. If you have this perception in mind, you won’t have the concentration.

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Prepare Well and Don’t Wait for the Last Minute

Each student is unique and has his or her way of learning for exams. Try to figure out the learning ability and work on that. If you are a slow learner,  you have to start learning for the exams as early as possible and never wait until the last minute. You must always be up and doing. You must learn always and not for when the examination period is getting closer. This will make you cover enough before going for the examination.

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Solve Past Questions

One of the trends people have observed about the WAEC examinations is that most questions from the past year’s exams are always repeated.  So to make yourself prepared and have ideas as to what the WAEC questions look like, you’ll always revisit the past questions. Solve as many as you can and get yourself to familiarize yourself with the WAEC questions. Doing so will get you much understanding of the exams and hence can help you get good grades. See Some of the likely Examination Questions here.

Learn with Strategy

There are some key topics that are not left out of the examination. These topics are always present in each year’s WAEC basic school examination questions. Topics like two-set problems, statistics, and Algebra are always asked in the BECE. In other to pass the exams, you’ll need to get yourself acquainted with such topics, learn them with strategy and master these key topics together with others. Once you know that, no matter what, the question will come under these topics, and you’ve mastered them, then you rest assured of getting a good grade in your examination. You can read more on How to Learn and understand any subject easily.

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Don’t Depend on External help “Apor”

One of the commonest mistakes students do is to depend on foreign materials. Sometimes answers provided externally never tally with the questions inside. To get a good grade, make sure that you are fully prepared and don’t depend on any foreign material. You can get your paper canceled or make a bad grade when you are caught with such material.

Make Sure You do What the Questions Demand

After preparing for the examination you need to have this right. When you enter the exam hall, do exactly what the question demands. Give more examples and instances, and even support your answers with a diagram if you have one. Present the answers very neatly and in an orderly manner. Doing this will attract full marks allocated to the question.

Final Words

There are no shortcut ways to make a good grade in BECE. You need to prepare and work hard towards it. Before you can make a good grade, you need to dedicate your time and strength to it. When you do so, a good grade is secured for you because hard work pays off.

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