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Update: BECE School Selection List For 2021 Candidates

Update: BECE School Selection List For 2021 Candidates:

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The management of GES wishes to inform stakeholders that the selection of schools is scheduled from 29th November 2021 to 14th December 2021.

As part of measures to ensure a smooth placement of qualified BECE candidates for 2021, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has put in place the following arrangements for the information of parents/guardians/candidates and the general public.

A. Grouping of Schools

All second cycle institutions have been grouped into CATEGORIES as follows:

  •  Public Senior High Schools: Four groups namely Categories A, B, C, and D
  • Category E comprises all second cycle Institution that offers Technical/Vocational programme
  • Private Schools -Senior High/Technical Vocational Institutions (Categories F & G) respectively.

B. Updates Added:

  • All Technical/Vocational Institutions have been categorized into A, B, and C and added to SHS/SHTS
  • Category E comprises of all second cycle schools that offer Technical/Vocational programmes
  • Appendix A; contains Detailed Technical/Vocational Programmes
  • Appendix B; Contains Detailed Senior High Technical/Vocational Programmes.

The table below presents second-cycle institutions that have facilities for special education for the Physically Challenged and Visually-Impaired Candidates.

2021 BECE School Selection(CSSPS) Guidelines For Students

C. Before Selection of Schools and Programmes:

Before making any selection of schools and programmes offered in these schools, parents are advised to note that all schools selected (1st to 5th) are considered in the placement of candidates.

D. Conditions for selection of schools:

Candidates with guidance and assistance from parents/guardians and school authorities:

  • Must choose five (5) schools (1st – 5th choice).
  • Must select programmes and accommodation in each school of choice.
  • Candidates must list choices 1- 3 in order of preference
  • Candidate’s 4th Choice must be from Category E
  • Candidate’s 5th Choice must be from Category D
  • May select four(4) choices from Category C and One(1) from Category D
  •  Cannot select more than two (2) schools from Category B
  • Cannot choose more than one (1) School from Category A
  • Candidates who desire to pursue purely Technical Programmes may select all 1st – 4th Schools from Technical/ Vocational Category, Category E and must still select the 5th Choice from Category D
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Candidates who desire to pursue courses in private schools can make their own arrangements with the private SHS and PRIVATE TVET.

NOTE: Regardless of the categories chosen, candidates must arrange their choices in order of preference.

Tips For Candidates in Selecting School

  • Follow the right procedures in selecting the schools in each category.
  • Make sure the Schools code tally with the schools’ chosen.
  • Assess your academic performance before making a choice
  • Use Appendix ‘B’ as a guide to select a preferred Tech/Voc. programme (Category E)
  • Never choose a day school outside your catchment area.
  • Never let a café attendant select schools for you.
  • Arrange your choices in order of priority (i.e 1 st -3 rd choices).

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