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SHS Placement For 2021 BECE Candidates: How To Do it Self Placement

SHS Placement For 2021 BECE Candidates and How to Self Placement is the main objective of this article.

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The recently completed 2021 BECE candidates will soon start selecting the SHS they would like to attend. If you are one of these candidates, then consider reading this post to the end.

This year, about 571,894 Junior High School Students, wrote the examination and they have to be placed in 872 SHS in the country. In doing so, the Ghana Education Service has introduced a way of placing qualified students in SHS.

This is known as Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS). Under this system, there are two methods of placement which are the Automatic Placement System (APS) and Self Placement.

The CSSPS placement collects data of all Ghana students who took part in the BECE Exam and aggregates them into a ranked list.

The system uses the candidate’s aggregate score from 6 subjects for the selection process. Thus, English Language, Mathematics Social Studies, Integrated Science, and the best two elective subjects.

The automatic Placement System takes charge and places students into the Secondary school of their choice. This placement is based on programs and residential vacancies in various Senior High Schools, and most importantly on the performance of students in the Exams.


Self-placement is the manual process that allows candidates who do not get any of their choices an opportunity to select among the available schools with vacancies. Before you can do self-placement, you need to have an e-voucher from any of the approved vendors.

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NOTE: Each e-voucher costs 5GHC and can be used an unlimited number of times by a single student and is only available for purchase once the CSSPS portal is activated.

SHS Placement For 2021 BECE Candidates: How To Do it Self Placement

  • Visit the CSSPS website: or
  • Select the check placement option on the page to continue the process.
  • Provide your e-voucher PIN and Index Number (i.e after successful purchase in the steps above) and click on proceed.
  • Choose your desired school as well as your residential preference (day/boarding) base on the school’s requirement.
  • Finally, click on confirm and print changes.


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