GES, MoE, and TVET New Update For the 2023 School Selection Process

GES, MoE, and TVET New Update For the 2023 School Selection Process

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The Ministry of Education, GES and TVET management wishes to inform all stakeholders that the selection of schools is scheduled from 23rd August to 4th September 2023.

Parents, students, and other stakeholders are encouraged to take note of the new updates and use them as a guide during the school selections of their wards.

New Update For the 2023 School Selection

  • Introduction of cluster-based schools
  • Absorption of 212 Technical Institutes
  • Inclusion of 5 Newly constructed STEM schools
  • Opportunity to select low enrollment schools as boarding in the 6th choice.

Second Cycle Institutions in Ghana

  1. Senior High Schools (SHS)
  2. SHS/Technical Schools
  3. Technical/Vocational Institutions

These schools are categorized into 4 groups.

  • Category A schools – Overly subscribed schools
  • Category B – Averagely subscribed schools
  • Category C – Under Subscribe
  • Category D –  All Catchment Area Day Schools

School Counts For 2023 Placement

There are 918 public second-cycle institutions in the country.

Category A:  86 Schools
Category B: 250 schools
Category C:  573 schools
Category D:  Catchment area schools


Category of Candidates

Category 1:  2023 BECE Candidates
Category 2: 2023 Private BECE candidates
Category 3:  Foreign Students
Category 4:  Re-Entry Candidates

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These are the candidates competing for placement in the 918 second-cycle institutions in Ghana. It is therefore very crucial for students to follow the laydown process.

How to Select School on the School Selection Form.

  1. Candidates must choose 6 schools in all the 1st to their 6th choice
  2. Candidates must select programmes and accommodations for each select school
  3. Candidates must choose a compulsory day as 6th choice from the catchment Area School or choose a boarding school from the list of schools in Appendix 3
  4. Candidates must indicate ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to accept or decline to opt for a cluster.
  5. Candidates must not indicate any cluster for the 6th choice.
  6. Candidates who wish to offer purely TVET programmes must select all 6 TVETS schools from CATEGORY A, B, and C as Day or Boarding.
  7. Candidates cannot choose more than one school from Category A
  8. Candidates cannot select more than 2 schools from Category B
  9. Candidate may select 5 choices from Category C and 1 from Category D(Day) or Appendix 3 (Specials Boarding).
  10. Candidates must select 5 schools From Appendix 4 for consideration of second placement if they missed out on all their initial 6 school selections (choices). ie. You may select 1 Category A, 2 Category B, and at least 2 in Category C

Cluster-based Schools being Introduced

They are a group of schools that belong to the same category which candidates may comfortably accept as an alternative should they miss on their initial choices.

An example of a cluster of Schools

  • Aburi Girl Senior high
  • St. Mary’s Senior High
  • Tema Senior High
  • Accra Girls Senior High
  • St. Peters Senior High
  • Presby Boys Senior High
  • St. Thomas Aquinas
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If students select schools ‘Say’ Adisabel Senior High School as their first choice with an option for a cluster and he or she was displaced, he or she may have an opportunity to be placed in any of the schools being the cluster.

NB1: This differs based on the category of schools selected.

If you opt for a cluster under Category A or B, your cluster selection will be based on Category A or B respectively not the other way around.

NB2: You can not select more than 1 school from Category A and cannot select more than 2 schools from Category B. But you may select 5 choices from Category C and 1 from Category D (Day) or Appendix 3 (Special Boarding)

Catchment Area Day Schools

These are Senior High Schools, SHTS, or TVET located within a 10-mile or 16-kilometer radius of the junior high school. They are purely a day senior high/technical school.

Mode of School Selection

The mode of selection of the schools differs in terms of categories of Candidates

  • School Candidates select their schools and forward them to their District Education Officers through their JHS Heads.
  • Private Candidates must select their school choices online via:
  • Foreign Students must purchase the foreign student’s application form online, fill and submit it to the CSS{S/FreeSHS/TVET Secretariat.

Students Grading System

Six (6) subjects are used for selection and placement (four core + two Best Electives)

Core Subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Social Studies

Electives Subjects

  • I.C.T
  • Ghanaian Language
  • French
  • B.D.T
  • R.M.E

In cases where students have the same aggregate, their raw score (exam percentages) will be used in a placement to the school. See the full GES/WAEC grading system Here.

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The date for the selection will be announced when the portal is ready.

As a matter of fact, there is a 30% public (JHS) Equity in Category A schools for Public (JHS) candidates.

Candidates who are not placed under the automatic module can place themselves on the portal by selecting an available school.

See here how to self-placement.

Quick Notice:

  • Follow the right procedure in selecting the schools in each category
  • A combination of TI and SHS/SHTS will require a Catchment Area Day Selection.
  • Candidates must ensure that school codes tally with the schools selected.
  • Assess your academic performance before making a choice.
  • Use Appendix “1” as a guide to select the preferred TVET programme.
  • Never Choose a school outside your catchment area. You may opt for a cluster 1st to 5th choice selection.


You have already made your choice without these updates. You MUST quickly reconsider.

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