Ghana National Fire Service Salary in Ghana 2022

Ghana National Fire Service Salary in Ghana 2022: It is normal for people who are looking for employment in an organization to look for the salary structure of that firm before accepting the role.

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In most cases, individuals will like to go in for jobs whose pay will be commensurate with their effort. Such is the case for most of you here.

If you are on this page, chances are, you have been employed in the Ghana National  Fire service or planning to get employed by the GNFS and for that matter, you are on a search for the Ghana Fire Service Salary. If that’s so, then we are going to give you the breakdown of the Fire Service Average Salary in Ghana 2022.

What is the Salary Structure of Fire Service?

Staff in the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) are paid under the newly designed Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) that was introduced in 2010.

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) pays its employees based on their rank in the service. As a result, your rank influences how much you get paid.

A graduate recruit in the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) earns more than a normal officer who has completed WASSCE or SSCE.

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Ghana National Fire Service Salary

Salaries in GNFS vary from 1,330 GHS (the lowest) to 4,590 GHS (the highest). In Ghana, a Fire Fighter takes roughly 2,890 GHS per month.

This is the average monthly payment, which may include housing, transportation, and other allowance.

Firefighter Salaries vary greatly depending on experience, abilities, gender, and area of service (location of service).

How Much Does Ghana National Fire Service pay wassce recruit?

The average monthly pay of a Fire Fighter with a Senior High School education qualification (wassce recruit) is around GHS 1,720.

A person with a Certificate or Diploma earns around GHS 2,700  each month, which is 57% more than those with a High School diploma.

A Bachelor’s Degree holder with years of service average monthly salary is around GHS4,530, which is 68 percent higher than a Certificate or Diploma.

Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS)Service Rank

Senior Officer Ranks

1. Chief Fire Officer (CFO)
2. Deputy Chief Fire Officer (DCFO)
3. Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO)
4. Divisional Officer Grade One (DO i)
5. Divisional Officer Grade Two (DO ii)
6. Divisional Officer Grade Three (DO iii)
7. Assistant Divisional Officer Grade One (ADO i)
8. Assistant Divisional Officer Grade One (ADO ii)
9. Cadet Officer (CO) (Corps Training Into Becoming Senior Officers
At The Fire Academy And Training School (Fats)).

Junior Officer Ranks

  1. Station Officer Grade One (STN/Oi) Or Group Officer Grade One (GO I)
  2. Station Officer Grade Two (STN/Oii) Or Group Officer Grade Two (Go Ii)
  3. Assistant Station Officer (ASO) Or Deputy Group Officer
  4. Subordinate Officer (SUB/O) Or Assistant Group Officer(AGO)
  5. Leading Fireman (LFM) Or Leading Firewoman (LFW)
  6. Senior Fireman (SFM) Or Senior Firewoman (SFW)
  7. Fireman (FM) Or Firewoman (FW)
  8. Recruit Fireman (RFM) Or Recruit Friewoman (RFW)
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Please note that the above salary ranges are raw estimates of the Ghana National Fire Service Salary in Ghana 2022. Its subjected to changes that may not reflect the above estimates.

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