How to Calculate your WASSCE Results (Know your Aggregate Score)

The WASSCE results are calculated by summing the 6 best subjects from your results. These include the four core subjects (Maths, English, Inter-Science, and  Social Studies) with Maths and English being a must subject among the core subjects.

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You can select from science and social studies the one which is best and add up to the Maths and Engish for the calculation.

After which you select the three best among the elective subjects. See below the sample results obtained by a 2020 BECE candidate and how to calculate the aggregate score.

Eg. Assuming a student has the below results in his or her BECE exams;


ENGLISH LANGUAGE                                                A1                                  EXCELLENT
SOCIAL STUDIES                                                         B2                                  VERY GOOD
ELECTIVE MATHEMATICS.                                     B3                                   GOOD
CORE MATHEMATICS                                               A 1                                  EXCELLENT
GENERAL SCIENCE                                                    B2                                  VERY. GOOD
FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING.                                      A1                                   EXCELLENT
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT                                       B2                                  VERY. GOOD
ECONOMICS.                                                                 B2                                  VERY. GOOD

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Here, to obtain your grade, you will take the first best core ( English, Mathematics, and Social Studies) => A1 + A1 + B2 = 4.

Now Look through your results and get 3 best elective subjects ( Financial Accounting, Business Management, Economics) => A1 + B2 + B2 = 5.

(English + Mathematics + Social Studies) + ( Financial Accounting + Business Management + Economics)

=> 1+1+2+1+2+2 = 9.

In this case, the candidate has obtained an aggregate 9 score in the above results.

NOTE: Please take note of this, for Business students, the three core subjects can include both social studies or science.

But for science students, the three core subjects must include general science in the calculation of the results.

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