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How to Check/Login to Your NABCO Portal As a Trainee

Every blessed day, we see many trainees asking this question “How do I check my NABCO portal”? Why can’t I login to my portal? NABCO payment portal not working and many more.

These sorts of questions I think shouldn’t be asked by a trainee who has been in the NABCO programme since its establishment.

But taking a different look at the situation that each and every trainee found themselves, there are some trainees who cant still check/login to their portal because they always rely on friends or the Internet cafe attendance to do so for them.

Most trainees don’t know how to use the internet and even if they do, they feel unsafe to login to the portal themselves and do whatever tasked they are asked to perform on the portal.

As a NABCO trainee, you should at least consider knowing the basics such as how to login to your portal since you cant continue to depend on friends and Internet cafe attendance forever.

Knowing how to check your portal by yourself will help reduce the cost that comes with you going to the internet cafe. Also once you know how to check your NABCO portal, you can do so at the conform of your home with ease and privacy assured.

Needless to the above explanation?

Let’s dive straight and look at how to check your portal as a NABCO trainee.

To login to your portal, you first have to be connected to the internet.

Once you have access to the internet connection, what you have to do is to open your web browser.

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You can use Google Chrome or Opera Mini.

Now, type in the address bar and then Hit on the “Go button” or ‘Enter key’ on your keyboard.

Once you hit the go button, you’ll be taken to the NABCO login page. here, you’ll be asked to enter your NABCO Reference Number and Password.

How do I check my nabco placement

The Reference Number is your NABCO Numer which looks like (NABCONAREDGXXXXX) depending on the region you’ve applied for the NABCO programme.

Now, click/Tap on the LOGIN button.

If your Login Details are keyed correctly, then you’ll be logged in to your portal and from there, you can see all your details including your payment remarks for each month.

How do I log into nabco portal

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