How To Get Admission Into Ghana Universities 2022/2023

Making up your mind to study in any of the universities in Ghana is never a bad idea. Ghana is one of the top countries in Africa that provide high-quality education. It has a well-developed educational system and other factors which make it attractive to other country’s students.

A well-developed education system(qualified lectures, academic experts) together with political stability is among these factors.

Every university in Ghana has its criteria for admitting students but all go in the same way. The only thing that slightly differs is the requirements for each programme. Apart from that,  they follow the same process of admitting students.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to get admission into any university in Ghana, The type of application to go through (Regular, Fee Paying, and International applicant). All information you need to know will be provided here.

What you need to Do and Get admission into Ghana Universities

All institutions have their official websites where you can find all the needed information. This information includes fees, admission process, requirements, courses offered, qualification (certificate), Cut off points, and many more.

These institutions normally make an announcement when they are to take new students to start an academic year. The requirements for admission are all listed on their official website.

To get admitted and study the course of your choice, you need to be updated about the happenings of the school.  All updates about the school are published on their official websites for your comprehension.

You must meet the requirement of the course you want to study before you can get admitted.

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Generally, English Language, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science are the core subjects you must perform very well before you can get admission and any other three elective subjects regarding the area of study.

If you are a foreign student, aside from these requirements, you still need to have some documents before you can study in the country. You need to have travel documents and also find out whether the university you want to study accepts students from your country. If these are met, you can study in the country.

Applying for a university in Ghana comes in three categories: Regular, fee-paying, and international applicants,

Regular Students pay regular school fees. Admission to the regular applicant is based on merit, it is competitive. The only thing you need is a WAEC Certificate with good grades or an “A” Level certificate. Only Ghanaians and refugees living in Ghana can apply as regular students.

Fee-paying Students almost always pay higher school fees. In most cases, students who had lower grades in WASSCE applied as fee-paying applicants. Some also applied as fee-paying because they need the course badly. If a student is denied admission as a regular student, he or she might get that same progammre admission when he/she opt for a fee-paying student. Basically, fee-paying students pay full admission fees without any government subsidy.

International students pay the highest school fees as the government of Ghana does not subsidize tuition. It is available to Ghanaians and foreigners. It is competitive. A West Africa Secondary School Certificate, “A” level, IB, German gymnasium, or its equivalent is accepted.

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From the above information, you could see that it is very easy to get admission and study in mother Ghana. All you need is to meet the requirements and no complex procedures.

However, if you don’t meet the requirement in any of the universities, you can undertake a pre-university program where you will sit for  8 months to better your results.

Things to Note: 

  1. You don’t have to sit for exams once you have applied to any university.
  2. Foreign applicants, don’t need a visa to study in Ghana. But it depends on the country of origin.
  3. To study in Ghana as a Nigerian, you do not need to have to get JAMB results.
  4. If you want to be a regular student then you must have a senior high school grade, or else you apply as a mature applicant. Diploma certificate holders have to go through entrance exams to qualify for admission.
  5. You must purchase the application form from the selected university sales outlets and then complete the online application.

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