How to Prevent Your Results From Being Cancelled By Waec as a Candidate

How to Prevent Your Results From Being Cancelled By Waec as a Candidate: It’s heartbreaking to be in school for three years but only to go home without a certificate. So if you care much about safeguarding your waec certificate, then see below some tips on how to Save Your Self From WAEC Examination Malpractices that will lead to results cancellation.

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Learn Hard and Smart

If there is one piece of advice that anyone can give to you as a candidate at this stage, then it will be nothing other than telling you to learn hard and smart. Learning is one of the best strategies that can guarantee you the best results and prevent you from involving in any examination malpractice. As a student, there are different ways you can learn and pass your examination. One such way is Reading your handouts while solving past questions. This is the surest way to beat the questions in WAEC and also come out with the best grades.

Do Away With Foreign Materials

Foreign materials can be notes, textbooks, prepared materials, or any other printed materials, a blank piece of paper, a programmable calculator, a mobile phone, or any other electronic communication device.

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According to WAEC,  Where a candidate is found with foreign material in the examination hall, the candidate’s entire results in the examination shall be withheld pending the cancellation of the result of the subject involved by the appropriate Committee of the Council.

Most times, people get caught with these materials not because they intentionally send them to cheat, but because they forget to do away with them before entering the hall. As a candidate, it’s always good to cross-check yourself and make sure you do have not to carry these materials before entering the examination hall.

Don’t Seek For Help and Don’t also Give help in Exams Hall

Once you are in the examination hall. It is assumed that you are on your own. Each candidate is required to do independent work. The exam is to test your understanding of what so ever was taught for the period of your being in the school so you can proceed to the high level.

There are instances where you are tempted to ask a friend or a supervisor for help, especially when you lack understanding of certain questions. Please don’t do so. Always answer the questions you know and leave what you don’t know.

It is better to get a Grade of “C” without help than to seek help and Get Grade A” which when caught you risk getting your results cancel. Please once you are done answering your questions, don’t try to help anyone. know that, when caught, both of you will be in trouble.

Always Believe in Yourself

Most students involve in exams with malpractices not because they are not good/brilliant, but because they don’t have confidence in themselves. As you enter the examination hall,  always try and have confidence.

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Let your inner self know that, you are good and ready for what so ever questions come. Always remove fears from yourself before you enter the hall. Fears are what make most candidates not get hold of whatever they learned before getting into the exam hall. When you are confident/sure of an answer, write it. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to convince you in the exam hall.

Pray Before You Start

In whatever you do, always put God first. There have been instances where people say prayers don’t make an impact in an exam hall. But in our opinion, prayers do count. Before you begin the exams, make sure to say a prayer. Pray to God to let you remember and produce whatsoever is being asked of you by the examiners.

Yes, Learning is the key but prayer is a factor in the key. We’ve seen many brilliant students who go to the exam hall knowing the answers to all the questions asked, but failed at the end of the day. If God is not by your side, you ‘MAY’ end up not being able to write the paper as you wish.

Final Advice

Please as you sit for your examination, always know that you are good in one way or the other, Don’t let anyone get you into trouble. You came to the school individually, so you’ll go back home. If you try to engage yourself in any of the exam malpractices because of your friend/classmate and get caught, your paper will be canceled and that means no certificate for you.

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Good Luck to you all and May the Lord see you through.

How to Prevent Your Results From Being Cancelled By Waec as a Candidate


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