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How to Properly Search for Your Dream Job| New 2020 Best Guide & Tips


Gone were the days when jobs are readily available for the graduates after completing their tertiary studies. Today, you have to search for the job after your studies otherwise, you join the unemployed graduate association.

There are thousands of graduates out there who are jobless not because they don’t have the requirements or requisite skills for employment, but because they don’t know how to search for their dream jobs.

Each day, companies are looking for people to fill in the empty vacant in their organization, but because most of our graduates today have no much knowledge of job searching, they end up not getting the job.

There are great job opportunities out there, but you need to know where to look and how to conduct a productive job search. See the list of Five best job search portal here.

In this article, we are going to give you some quick tips on a job search that can get you started.



Most of the well-paid jobs I must say are found in the cities and looking at the statistics, many of the rural dwellers are likely to form the major part of the unemployed graduates simply because they lack information.

Unlike the urban graduates, graduates from rural areas sometimes get to know of the available job vacant only when such a job announcement deadline has elapsed. So in other to get first-hand information about the latest jobs in the country, you must establish a connection with those in the cities. These friends of yours can help you get the information at the right time hence take part in the application. Networking is a great way to find those “hidden” job opportunities”.

Target your job applications

Before you apply for a job vacancy, make sure you meet the job requirement and that you are fit for the job. It is non-productive to send out applications to every job opportunity. Focus on those jobs that you are qualified and able to perform. Do not apply for a job simply because you need something to earn a living, but rather apply for that job because you know you’re the right candidate for the job. Applying to jobs that are not a good fit for you can damage your reputation in the job market. Get much information about the job opportunity before applying.

Stay on top of your job search

We’ve seen a lot of graduates sending the same CV and cover letter to a different employer for a different job vacant. This will not only make your job-seeking journey unsuccessful but rather a boring one. When a job its announces, make sure you look at the requirements and then customize your cover letter to suit the context of the job advert.

After sending your cover letter to many employers, its good to keep a detailed list of each employer so you can take some actions at a later date in your job search. Factor in the right keywords in your CV for the specific position you’re applying and give proper References in your application.

Stay motivated

Sometimes you may get frustrated when your job application is rejected by an employer. But that should not bring down your spirit to reapply for other jobs. When that happens, you need to stay motivated and continue with your job search.

Always have an open mindset and be positive that your time will come.  You can choose to find a small job around your locality while continue searching for the bigger ones. Volunteering is one way to be productive and engaged while you continue your job search.

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