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See the four (4) Secrets To Finding Your Dream Job


The feeling of waking up in the morning, doing what you love to do in an environment that inspires you to do more, and getting paid for it sounds great. Yes! That’s a simple definition of a dream job. Most people dream of this, it becomes a reality and they live a fulfilling life. Unlike others who are still trying hard to figure out what to do, where, and how to land their dream job.

Finding your dream job may be challenging, yet there is a way out. Here are 4 secrets to land your dream job.

1. Define Your Goal

Knowing who you are, your strengths, and your interests is a great way of recognizing which career path suits you as an individual. Take time and list down your strengths, technical skills, abilities, talents, and interests. This allows you to ultimately set career goals. Setting a realistic career goal serves as a guide to help you identify what exactly you are aspiring to achieve in your profession and gives you a clear understanding of what to do, where, and how to achieve that dream. It serves as a foundation to make professional decisions.

2. What Makes You Unique and Different

Everyone is talented in his/her own way. As mentioned earlier, you must figure out your strengths and the unique value you possess that makes you different from others. For instance, you may be very good at convincing people to believe in your ideas. If you are able to identify this, this could be your unique selling proposition to potential employers and hiring managers. This certainly directs you to which career path and job that will make use of these qualities and bring you fulfillment.

3. Network/ Make Use of Social Media

Networking is incredibly important in your job search. You can never sit in your own corner and expect a miracle to happen. You need to work hard at what you want. Take the pain and time to connect with people. You must learn to be deliberate in connecting with people. Life is all about building and nurturing relationships with the right people. Invest in building relationships, you will be surprised how they can bring great opportunities your way. Use social media to connect and more importantly to showcase your ability and skills. Linkedin is one professional social networking platform you can leverage to increase your visibility to potential employers.

4. Make Use of Online Recruitment Portals

Most employers and hiring managers today use online recruitment portals like Jobberman to source for the right candidates. Which means this should be a big part of your job search strategy.

At Jobberman, we bridge the gap between employers and job seekers. Companies advertise their vacant roles and job seekers can access and apply for these jobs for free.  Jobberman’s portal allows Job seekers to create a profile for themselves with all the necessary information, create alerts, search for jobs by role and apply for jobs posted on the site at no cost. Employers believe job portals like Jobberman is the quickest and more efficient way to fill a vacant position.

It’s worth signing up on Jobberman and creating an alert. When you create an alert anytime there is a vacant role that suits your criteria a notification will be sent to your mail. Don’t miss an opportunity, be among the successful candidates, and land your dream job today.


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