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How to Start Mobile Money and Airtime selling Business in Ghana With Less Investment 2021


How to start a Mobile Money Business In Ghana With Less Investment 2021:

As a graduate in Ghana, there are a lot of business opportunities you can tap into and make a living. Once you’re a graduate from the university or any tertiary institution you don’t have to wait for the government to provide a job for you.

You can use the little you have together with the knowledge acquired to start a small business.  Starting a small business in Ghana does not involve much, all that you need is the business idea with small startup capital.

You can borrow some cash or use some of your savings from the National Service or NABCO stipends to start a small business.

Most Ghanaian youths have startup capital, looking to start a business, but due to lack of business idea, they are still stuck at a point.

In this article, we are going to highlight to you a business idea you can look into and start if interested. Hence how to start a Mobile Money and Airtime selling business in Ghana.

People who are into this kind of business are making thousands of cedis every month. They make money simply because they see the opportunity afar, and tap into it.

Today, those who started the Mobile money business with little to no investment, are making it big, in the businesses.

So if you are interested in starting the business, below are some of the breakdowns on how to get started.


With Ghc1,500 you can get a mobile money container.

Ghc 50.00 will get you a good “yam” phone.

Buy Ghc500.00 worth of MTN recharge Cards, Ghc250.00 each for Vodafone and Airtel-tigo respectively.

A merchant SIM  is free so apply for one and load it with Ghc2,000.00 e-cash, keep Ghc1,000.00 as physical cash.

This sums up to Ghc5,550.00 and you are good to go.

Place the container by a busy street, a public place, etc and you can earn at least Ghc20.00 a day (that gives you Ghc600.00 a month).

You can actually get a container below the price quoted or even a table, wooden structure, etc.

If you are diligent, you will get your investment back in a year. Meaning you can buy a Promax in 12 months and still have your business that’s if you don’t want to expand.

So my brother instead of buying 11 Promax and other expensive items, you can set up a small business that will be earning you at least 20 cedis every day.  My sister, you can equally sell the iPhone and set up a business like this one, get some balance to buy infinix for your calls and all the social media fun.

This post is also here to help those who are gainfully employed but looking to increase their sources of income or earn a living.

You can set up something as small as this, keep someone in charge while you do your regular job but monitor strictly and just save Ghc20.00 daily from the business.

Wrap up

I hope this makes sense to you especially my unemployed colleagues walking around with expensive phones than they require to start a business. Stop trying to look ‘big’, face reality. There’s no sense in protecting an empty brand. Face your reality this year.

Credit:  Abd Salam

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