Junior WAEC (BECE) Past Question and Answers on Agricultural Science For JSS3

Junior WAEC (BECE) Past Question and Answers on Agricultural Science For JSS3

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I need Past Questions and Answers on Agricultural Science For JSS3, how do I get Junior Waec Agric Science 2021 OBJ questions and answers, How to score good grades in Agric science junior WAEC?

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If you need answers to the above questions, then below are some of the selected questions and answers for agric science. You can go through them so you’ll be familiar with most of the questions before you go in for the final exams.

See below some Likely Junior WAEC (BECE) Questions and Answers on Agricultural Science For JSS3 that may pop up in the 2021 examination. 

Q1. Methods of preserving fish include the following except………..?

A) boiling
B) drying
C) smoking
D) salting

Answer A.

Q.2 Ruminants fed on dried grasses are given feed supplements to……..

A) increase water intake
B) provide bulk to feed
C) reduce microbial activity
D) provide deficient nutrients

Answer D.

Q3. An agricultural extension officer should be able to…………………?

A) create new jobs for farmers
B) raise funds for farmers
C) cultivate a large farm
D) guide and educate farmers

Answer D.

Q4. Which of the following activities is not a marketing function?

A) Buying of agricultural commodities
B) planting of crops
C) transporting of farm produce
D) storage of farm produce

Answer  B.

Q5. Risks on commercial farms could result from

A) price stability
B) crop failure
C) insurance
D) diversification

Answer B.

Q.6 Progeny selection involves selection of breeding stock on the basis of

A) feed conservation efficiency of the parents
B) merits of each animal
C) merits of the dam only
D) performance of offspring

Answer  D.

Q.7 The cattle disease which is likely to be most common in the forest belt of West Africa is

A) foot and mouth
B) trypanosomiasis
C) anthrax
D) tuberculosis

Answer  B.

Q8. Determine the price elasticity of demand if the price of yam tuber rises by 10% (0.1) and the quantity demanded falls by 5% (0.05)

A) 0.5
B) 0.4
C) 0.3
D) 0.1

Answer A.

Q.9 Ecto-parasites can be controlled by……………….?

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A) administering antibodies to host
B) administering antibiotics to host
C) dipping of host
D) deworming of host

Answer C.

Q10. Cropping in fish farming is the act of

A) stocking fish
B) processing fish
C) harvesting fish
D) feeding fish

Answer C.

Q11. A disadvantage of natural incubation is that

A) the eggs cannot be candled
B) the chicks are less healthy
C) the brooding hens sometimes abandon the eggs
D) it takes a longer time for eggs to hatch

Answer C.

Q12. Which of the following animal disease is not associated with malnutrition?

A) Aspergillosis
B) Acidosis
C) Milk fever
D) Rickets

Answer A.

Q13. The botanical name of Northern gamba grass is

A) Cynodon dactylon
B) Panicum maximum
C) Pennisetum purpureum
D) Andropogon gayanus

Answer  D.

Q14. The cut and carry system of feeding livestock is termed

A) rotational grazing
B) zero grazing
C) mixed grazing
D) controlled grazing

Answer B.

Q.15 Most farm business fail because of

A) death of the manager
B) lack of capital
C) Labour problems
D) poor management

Answer D

Q16 Forest resources can be managed by the following measures except

A) Taungya farming
B) selectiveexploitation
C) promoting deforestation
D) preventing bush burning

Answer C.

Q17 A farm animal that possesses a pair of caeca is

A) pig
B) fowl
C) sheep
D) cattle

Answer  B.

Q18. Oestrogen in female animals is not responsible for

A) development of secondary sexual characteristics
B) onset of heat period
C) milk let – down after parturition
D) development of udder

Answer B.

Q.19 A beef cow gained 75 kg over a period of two months and two days. What is its average weight gain?

A) 0.83 kg
B) 1.21 kg
C) 1.28 kg
D) 2. 25kg

Answer C.

Q20. Pure lines of crops are produced through continuous

A) selection
B) hybridization
C) cross-breeding
D) inbreeding

Answer D.

Q21. The continuous removal of forest trees without replacement is known as

A) afforestation
B) Taungya farming
C) deforestation
D) selective exploitation

Answer C.

Q22. Quarantine regulations are established so as to

A) allow the importation of diseased plant and animal materials
B) prevent the introduction foreign diseases into country
C) assist farmers to grow foreign crops
D) facilitates the rapid spread of foreign diseases

Answer B.

Q23. The most effective method of controlling viral diseases in crops is by

A) Spraying with Bordeaux mixture
B) Renoving and burning affected crops
C) practicing crop rotation
D) planting at recommended spacing

Answer B.

Q24. The use of parasites and predators to control weeds is referred to as

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A) biological control
B) chemical control
C) cultural control
D) mechanical control

Answer  A.

Q25. The process of crossing two pure lines of plants of the same species is called

A) selection
B) genotype improvement
C) hybridization
D) inbreeding

Answer D.

Q26. Lost soil nutrients can be replenished by the following methods except

A) organic manuring
B) fertilizer application
C) continuous grazing
D) cover cropping

Answer  C.

Q27. Irrigation can be described as the

A) reduction of soil water
B) spraying of minerals on plants
C) application of dissolved fertilizers to the soil
D) application of water to the soil

Answer D.

Q28. Which of the following conditions is a characteristic of poorly drained soil?

A) presence of a large number of termites
B) Presence of high amount of humus
C) Decrease in the activities of micro organisms
D) High soil fertility and productivity

Answer  C.

Q29. The process of removing excess maize seedlings from a stand is known as

A) pruning
B) supplying
C) thinning
D) wedding

Answer C.

Q30. Which of the following crops requires shade at the early stage of is growth?

A) Plantain
B) Banana
C) Cocoa
D) Sugarcane

Answer C.

Q31. The most limiting factor affecting land availability for agriculture in urban settlements is

A) Soil type
B) Topography
C) Climate
D) Population pressure

Answer  D.

Q32. Rhizobium supplies nitrogen to leguminous plants by

A) incorporating urea into their bodies
B) fixing atmospheric nitrogen into the soil
C) decomposing plant and animals remains
D) decreasing the pH value of the soil

Answer  B.

Q33. An example of igneous rock is

A) granite
B) limestone
C) coal
D) sandstone

Answer  A.

Q34. In chemical weathering of rocks, the equation Fe,2O3+3H2O → Fe2O33H2O represents

A) carbonation
B) hydration
C) solution
D) oxidation

Answer B.

Q35. Which of the following statement are a disadvantage of decaying organic matter in soils?

A) Bacterals and fungal growth is enhanced
B) minerals in organic matter are released into the soil
C) physical condition of soil is enhanced
D) water-holding capacity of soil is improved

Answer A.

Q36. Crop rotation is often used in maintaining soil fertility because….

A) all crops grown, add nutrient to the soil
B) some of the crops fix nitrogen in the soil
C) crops grown are ploughed into the soil
D) the crops are rotated on different farmlands

Answer  B.

Q37. The land is said to be a fixed asset in Agriculture. This means that…..

A) its features and topography are fixed
B) soil nutrients and its vegetative cover can be replaced
C) its size remains fixed over time
D) its micro organic composition is constant over time

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Q38. The document given to a farmer on acquiring a piece of land from the government is called…….?

A) certificate of purchase
B) receipt of ownership
C) certificate of occupancy
D) receipt of lease

Answer C.

Q39. Which of the following statements is not correct about agriculture in most West African countries?

A) employment
B) fuel
C) food
D) income

Answer B.

Q40. Which of the following insects transmits swollen shoot disease of cocoa?

A) stem borer
B) mealybug
C) whitefly
D) scale insect

Answer B.

Q41. Which of the following suggestion would solve transportation problems….. associated with agriculture?

A) Establishment of tractor hiring units
B) Efficient railway system
C) Establishment of car hire units
D) Provision of extension services

Answer  B.

Q42. In the carbon cycle, atmospheric carbon dioxide is replenished by…..

A) respiration
B) transpiration
C) lightening
D) dentrification

Answer A.

Q43. Which of the following is not a leguminous forage crop………….

A) centrosema pubescens
B) panicum maximum
C) stylosanthes gracilis
D) pueraria phaseoloides

Answer B.

Q44. Provision of timber for the furniture and construction industries are………

A) Disadvantages of forest resources
B) uses of forest resources
C) human activities that affect the forest
D) effects of forests on the environment

Answer C.

Q45. Which of the following is not a pest on Farmland……..

A. Butterfly
B. Caterpillars
C. Earthworm
D. Squirrel
E. Termite

Q46. Which of the farm products can best be preserved under smoking………..?

a) Cassava
B) egg
C) grains
D) fish

Q47. Which of the following is a human activity that affects the forest……..?

A) Provision of employment
b) source of raw materials
C) hunting and poaching
D) winds breaks


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