NaCCA QR Code Scanner – How To Download the New Approved Materials

NaCCA QR Code Scanner: How To Download the New Approved Materials

Here are the simple steps to use the NaCCA QR Code Scanner. Scan, verify, and purchase only NaCCCA’s approved materials. You can access the NaCCA scanner and use it for verification by following these procedures:

Step One: Type the domain name ( on your web browser to access the sign-up link for the QR Code Scanner:

Step Two: Click on the tab “Install”, which leads you to Google Play Store or App Store to download the application (NaCCA QR Code Scanner)

Step Three: It will automatically be configured and installed on your electronic device after successfully downloading.

Step Four: Open the running application now and place it on the QR code affixed on the cover page of any instructional material (i.e. textbooks, supplementary readers, etc.)

Step Five: Click the ‘Sean Book’ button and wait a few seconds for a response.

Step Six: For materials assessed and approved by NaCCA, it would give up a command ‘Verified’ and vice-versa.

For Enquiries Call:

0302909071 / 0553553144

NaCCA QR Code Scanner - How To Download the New Approved Materials

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