WAEC Ghana: What to do if you Lost, Misplaced or Damage your Certificate

The West Africa examination council (WAEC), its the sole body responsible for conducting final year examination for both Senior and Junior High Schools in Ghana.

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Each year, Final year students in both SHS and JHS will have to Sit and write for the Waec examination before they get a certificate to further their Education in Ghana or any of the Africa countries.

The West African Examinations Council awards a certificate to any candidate who obtains at least a pass in any of the subjects offered in its examinations. Certificates are issued within three months after the release of final results.

Conditions for the Issue of Certificates

  • The certificate issued is and remains, the property of the West African Examinations Council at all times and it is issued on the following conditions:
  • Any alteration to the certificate renders it invalid.
  • The certificate must be surrendered to The West African Examinations Council on request.
  • The certificate should be kept in a safe place.
  • The West African Examinations Council will not issue any other copy of the original certificate.

After obtaining the certificates from Waec, it’s the responsibility of the candidate to keep the certificate safe because when lost, the student may or may not be able to have the certificate back.

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How to Get Lost WASSCE or BECE Certificate

In most, students collect their Waec results and mistakenly lost or damage them. So for them to be able to get back the results, they will need to contact WAEC for further help.

If you are one of such students with a lost or damaged WAEC certificate looking for a way to retrieve your cert, then below is the simple but easy way to go about it.

Can WAEC Replace Lost Certificate?

The West African Examinations Council does not issue duplicate certificates.

The Council, however, now issues Attestation of Results for certificates that have been misplaced or damaged. The attestation of the result is as valid as the certificate. Users who wish could confirm the details on the document with the Council.

Attestation of Results is issued to individual candidates or persons for their possession. The Attestation must be collected personally by applicants from the offices of the Council in Accra or the regions. For the issuance of the Attestation, applicants will be required to provide the following details:

  • Your Name (in full as used in the examination)
  • The Name, Month, and Year of Examination
  • Your Index Number
  • Passport photograph.
  • A valid identification document.
  • GHยข350.00 Subject to review by the council.

How to Fill the Online Certificate – Attestation of Results Form

After getting the necessary documents and made your payment for the Attestation of Results, you will then proceed to the portal and fill in the online certificate request form. Below are some of the details you’ll need to fill on the form.

  • Surname
  • Other Names
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Address
  • Examination Details
  • Index Number
  • Examination
  • Examination Year
  • Collection Centre
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You can click here to fill your online Attestation Result request form and enter the above necessary details as required.


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